Online Card Game Strategy: How To Win Using the Fang Pi Clang Clan in Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is a popular multiplayer online card game. It features fictional or real people as the characters in its clan, and each character is part of a clan. This online game offers 4 rounds of card battle per match, with abilities and bonuses depending on the combination of cards via their clans. One of these clans is the prestigious Fang Pi clan.

The Fang Pi clan, according to UR enthusiasts, is one of the most expensive decks on the game. This is due to the fact that their key cards (well, most of them anyway) are on Collector’s status. True enough, the clan has a bonus of Damage +2, or that’s saving 3 pillz per round. If you calculate all 4 rounds, you’ll be able to save 12 pillz in all. But the cards on this clan are often considered only as “for collection only” cards since many players consider that the cards’ status is not worth the money. Well here’s a guide on how you can play AND win using Fang Pi clan cards.

  • Pricewise, there are some cheap Fang Pi clan uncommon cards with good status. One card for example, is the 4-star Ryuichi, the blind fighter. At full level, this card boasts of a 6/7 with the ability Courage: Stop Opponent Bonus. This bonus makes Ryuichi effective against opponents from the Pussycats, since the Pussycats counter the Fang Pi clan with damage reduction bonuses. Another good card is the 3-star Yusuke. This is a 7/3 card with Courage: Damage +2 ability. So if you add the clan’s bonus, you have a card with a 7/7 status (considering your card is intact in this round). Only heavy damage and full stop cards can stop Yusuke. The good thing is, you can buy Ryuichi for 4000 clintz at minimum, and Yusuke is about 600-700 clintz. Very affordable if you are only starting in this game.
  • Powerwise, the Fang Pi clan boasts of two cards with serious one-hit knockouts: Lost Hog and Kinjo. With their fury, abilities and bonuses intact, these 2 cards are like Nightmare’s Kolos card. They have the ability to win a round if ever they are used correctly. Most new players are unaware of these cards, but be careful in using these cards on veteran players.
  • The strategy when using Fang Pi clan cards is simple. Always aim for a surprise attack. Use these cards on later rounds, all in an offense with a random pattern. This way, the opponent won’t know when you’ll throw out these cards. Dish out your not so strong character cards first before you play Fang Pi clan cards. Paired with poison dealers and good damage reducers with your Fang Pi clan cards and you have a winning match.

Urban Rivals’ Fang Pi clan has a good and dangerous arsenal of characters, which at most will obliterate your opponent. Just remember the element of surprise, turning your way of thinking as that of an assassin or ninja.


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