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Interestingly enough, scrabble is a game developed from crossword puzzles. It is something like a transformation from paper into a board game. Unlike a crossword puzzle, that you have to understand the definition to get the word, in scrabble, you have to form words that should be found in the dictionary. Now in the modern age, scrabble has gotten to the Internet, like most word games and board games.

  1. Basic scrabble - Scrabble is basically a family home game, which serves as a game to improve one's vocabulary, improve family ties and not to mention, to have a sense of healthy competition. Scrabble boards have a standard dictionary where the player's formed words should be found; otherwise the word will not be accepted. It is also somewhat a game of chance, where the tiles you get are random per turn, and the number of letters you get depends on the number of tiles left on your rack.
  2. Online scrabble - There are many websites that have a compilation of different word games that you can play with other people online. Some websites even have cash prizes or random prizes for those who register in their website and play their puzzle games or whatever games they have. On the other hand, these types of online games have a limit when it comes to who can play and win prizes. The site would say if the limit would only be in America or Canada, or any other country where that gaming site is based. So before joining with the attempt to win prizes check on their terms and conditions, and your validity to play. There are many versions of word games available online, and variations of scrabble can also be found there. Do not be afraid to explore these other games, they might even prove to grab your interest and challenge you and your friends.
  3. Scrabble software - If you are not interested in playing online with other people in the World Wide Web, then you also have the option of downloading the software of the game and playing at your own pace. Some may charge for downloading their software, but there are also sites where you can download them for free. As most free things that come on the Internet, be careful of viruses that may be embedded in zip files. Just make sure to have a good anti-virus. Other sites may say that their scrabble software is the best among the best, but make sure to do your research on the software from article reviews that are bound to be found all over the Internet. Be critical.

Online scrabble is an interesting new twist to how scrabble is played for so long. There are some differences, like you can't have actual tiles, but the basics are there. Playing online is a good alternative if there are no other available players around the house. If there are other people to play with, take a break from your online game and get to know people around you more. True, you get to meet other players online, but nothing can replace good old bonding with people who are always with you.


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