How To Find Online Karaoke Contests

For those who like singing, are professional singers, or simply enjoy joining singing contests, online karaoke contests are fun and a good way to practice your singing voice and win prizes if you are lucky.

Karaoke contests are easy to find online and there is not much preparation or any stiff requirements needed for you to join. You do not need to have previously joined a singing contest or be a professional singer, you just need to have a fairly good singing voice and be very familiar with the lyrics of many songs. The rules are simple and you compete online using your computer.

Here are some online karaoke sites you can research, to know more about ongoing Online Karaoke contests.

  • is a site created by an avid karaoke online user. The site is set up to have a place where you can post links, join blogs, and participate in contests and share ideas with others with the same interest.
  • is one of the leading online karaoke music sites, often visited because of the wide variety of original songs and videos available on the web from any country around the world. You can easily upload, download, and share audio and video clips. There are even local and national songs you can upload.
  • Karaoke Play is a free site for karaoke singing. You can easily sign up and start singing right after registration. Anyone is free to vote and comment on your recording. You have the option to allow a public or private review of your saved recording. 
  • MySpace Karaoke is the first web based sing-along application that allows its users to sing, record, and playback their personal renditions of various songs.  The site uses the newest recording technology with the most sophisticated quality for audio and recording. You are also allowed to listening to the audio or instrumental versions of a song and have the facility to record these for your own use.
  • is a site with online karaoke competitions that allows you to compete for the top position on the charts. There is a wide variety of song selections and various ongoing competitions with different themes. The rules are simple and there is no restriction on your country of origin. Everyone is free to participate. There are competitions for best country song, best love song, and even best sound-alike. Anyone can comment and rate a singer’s rendition of recorded songs.

Though there are many online karaoke sites that have been shut down due to licensing and copyright issues, you will still be able to find online karaoke contests you can join.

It would be an advantage if you practiced before joining any contest online. You can record contest pieces and practice before registering. If you have your own karaoke unit at home, you can also practice more songs before competing.

Whether you intend to join a local or national singing contest, or are a professional singer, joining karaoke contests online can be fun, enjoyable and challenging. You get to show off your singing talent, build a network, gain friends and possibly win great prizes.


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