How To Use Online Poker Strategies

Poker is a game of chance. Skills for the game are developed the longer it is played. There are so many varieties of poker games that have different sets of rules depending on the dealer and the agreement of each individual player. Online poker can be played for free just for practice, and when you start to bet real money that is the time for some real poker games.

The difference between casino poker and online poker is that online poker lacks “visual tells” where a player reacts to a certain situation and gives his opponents a clue. There are also “betting tells”, and “verbal tells” which in a game of online poker are rarely present. Though you can get some verbal tells through the chat box, it is nothing compared to a verbal tell in casino poker. In the game of online poker, it is hard to understand the reaction of each player online. You can take this as an opportunity, and use this as a strategy for examining your opponents closely.

The main strategy that you can use for online poker is looking carefully at betting tells. Look closely at how much the opponent is betting, and how long it takes before betting. Be aware of “false tells”. Experienced online poker players will try to manipulate the game by giving you false tells.

You should be able to tell the distinction among false tells and the real deal. Be familiar with the players’ pattern of playing. There are some who are inconsistent with the pattern, while some are full of moves. If you are able to study each player’s moves and pattern, you’ll be confident in your ability to tell a variation in even the trickiest player despite the opponents’ misleading acts.

Some players who pause or pretend to think before betting a huge amount, usually have a big hand of cards, while players who bet a large amount without thinking usually are up to tricks.

A pause usually indicates a weak hand; typically these players are newbies. These opponents are unconscious that they are already giving away the “tells”. They are yet to find out about the interesting world of poker online.

In online poker there is an “in turn” box that is typically used by a player who is playing more than one game at a time. These players are multi-tasking, and use the in turn box to raise their efficiency. These opponents are blind to the “tells”. Take note of each player’s actions to study how he plays so the next time you encounter him and his kind, you already have an advantage.

There are some cheaters who agree to share information between the two of them, which is a violation of the rules. Also protect your computer from intruders by installing a firewall, plus anti-virus and anti-spyware. Some cheaters will try to access your computer just to win.

Take note that some players completely disregard strategies. Know how to understand the science of poker and start winning now.


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