How To Use Online Writing Courses

Writing is an art form in itself, a form of self-expression, and an outlet. However, it is not easy to write at will, even on a topic that you are familiar with. There is more to writing than meets the eye. There is more to it than just sitting down with a pen and paper. It entails more than a topic, an audience, and a muse.

Writing is defined as the act of putting letters, symbols and numbers together to explain a concept or an idea. To write is anything but simple, as it consists of a process that includes pre-writing, composing, editing, revising and publishing. Furthermore, there are several different types of writing, such as descriptive, persuasive, expository, narrative, and even professional writing, which is a big plus career-wise. So, yes, writing is not easy, but it does not take a genius to be able to do so.

Thankfully, there are quite a number of writing classes that are available for aspiring writers, even online. There are several types of online classes available, some even for free. Here are some of the types of writing that are being offered as online courses:

  1. Technical Writing, which is a style of formal writing that's used in a lot of different fields such as robotics, computer hardware and software, biotechnology, and all other fields that are technical in nature. Technical writers are those who will bridge the gap between those who understand technical terms and those who don't. Those who wish to study technical writing will learn how to integrate layman's terms into very technical subjects.
  2. Creative Writing, which is considered to be any of various types of writing, may it be fiction, poetry, novels, short stories, and the like. Creative writing and literature are generally one and the same. In taking a creative writing course, aspiring writers will be exposed to different forms and genres, and will have more inspirations to draw from.
  3. Screenwriting classes, where one learns the art of writing scripts for film and television. Different techniques, trends, etc., will be tackled in screenwriting classes.
  4. Proofreading, which is reading a text and looking for errors, if there are any. Through a writing class, proofreading will be discussed thoroughly, and different steps and styles will be tackled.
  5. Business writing, which usually is being used in companies and offices. Under business writing are resumes, memorandums, and the like. Business writing courses teach the proper ways to write these types of correspondence.

There are a lot more types of writing aside from those mentioned above, such as novel and poetry writing, screenwriting, and play-writing classes. There are also courses that are more technical such as editing, copywriting, marketing communications, publishing, etc.

Since a lot of online writing classes are free, there’s no harm in trying them, especially if you really want to improve your craft.  All aspiring writer's need to do is find one that would suit his/her writing needs best, and look for the best free online writing courses. Say, if you were an aspiring novelist, it would be best to take a creative writing course, or a novel-writing one. If you're in the field of computers and such, technical writing is the way to go.


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