How To Perform Basic Cheerleading Stunts

You've watched cheerleaders with awe at school and on television. Do you want to become one or at least do what they are doing? You are energetic, graceful, poised and charming. These are traits of a cheerleader. All you need to know now is how cheerleaders perform their basic stunts.

Before you can learn about how basic cheerleading stunts are done, you need to know what you call the people who perform their parts in the stunts.

  • Bases - They are cheerleaders that provide the primary support for the flyer during a stunt.
  • Flyer - She is the cheerleader who is thrown in the air while doing a stunt. The flyer is often said as the one to whom the focus of the stunt is directed to and also the person who is at risk the most. Flyers need focus and control to avoid accidents. It is also important that the flyer trusts the other cheerleaders.
  • Back Spot - She is the cheerleader who is placed behind the stunt. They are the ones who help the flyers prop up or jump into the bases hands. Most of the time they are the ones that catch the flyers.
  • Front Spot - She is the cheerleader who is standing in the flyer's front who will catch her ankles and stop her from falling forward.

Follow these steps and be able to perform the following basic cheerleading stunts:

  • Shoulder Sit - This stunt is probably one of the easiest and most common cheerleading stunts. Three cheerleaders are needed: a base, spotter and flyer. In this stunt, see yourself as the flyer. Put your lead foot on the base's leg and kick your other foot around as the base stands up. You are now sitting over the base's shoulder. Wrap your legs around the base to keep you stable. Raise your hands and form a V then cheer. To dismount, you are going to put your arms straight and legs out straight and you will be pulled over the head of the base to a clean position.
  • L Stand - Follow the steps of the shoulder sit stunt except you (flier) won't sit on the shoulder of the base but instead stand with your lead foot on the base's leg. You will bring your other leg up forming a letter L. The leg you raised will be supported by the other hand of the base. To dismount, do a shoulder sit stunt and dismount the same way as the shoulder sit.
  • Thigh Stand - You will need two bases to support you this time. You (flier) need to have strong arms and strong legs and straighten up so the bases won't have a hard time carrying you. The bases interlock their feet as you put your foot one at a time on each base's thigh. The bases support you by holding your toes and your knee. You may now be able to stand on their thighs. To dismount grab the hands of the bases and step down. In doing these stunts, be careful and always have a stopper who is ready to catch you.

You can easily do these basic cheerleading stunts. Grab your cheerleader outfit; call your friends to help you and practice. Enjoy!


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