Play Christmas Games

When you decide to play Christmas games, you have a lot of options. Depending on the age group playing the games, unlimited options can be open for you. For instance, if you are just playing holiday games with your immediate family, you can be very elementary and creative. If you are playing games with a teenage group, you can play something wildly funny. However, if you have a holiday party with fresh eggnog and the older adult crowd, you need to have something fun, yet classy.

For the younger crowd or in your home, you may want an active game. You can change the idea of "Duck-Duck-Goose" to "Elf-Elf-Santa." Instead of running around the circle, you can hop as if Santa was landing in the house.  If you prefer not to use the Santa idea, you can substitute with "Inn-Inn-Manger" and go around the circle on hands and knees.

For more mature audiences you can rearrange the ideas of "Win, Lose, or Draw" or "Taboo." For those entertainers who want to be more original, you can have an ongoing game throughout your party or event. You could even have a key word or phrase that awards points or demerits throughout the entire party.  For example, you could choose your favorite holiday word or phrase to be rewarded, like "Noel." Then choose a word that will result in a demerit, like "Eggnog." 

Decide what items will be used to count key words or phrases. Make sure you have enough items to go around for the amount of company involved. Reindeer made from clothespins or thin cardboard bells with a hole punched so it can be slid onto a key ring, is good. Have each guest start with 5 pieces.  Anyone who notices the positive word, and is the first to point it out, gets rewarded with one piece from any peer within close proximity, or the caught person that said it.  Anyone who notices the negative word, and is the first person to catch someone saying it, gets a piece from that person.

Have a good prize so that people want to participate. Then, close to the end of your event, have your guests count their pieces. The one with the most items wins the Christmas game.  Write down these words with basic instructions, and hand them to your arriving guests.

If the heat of summer is getting to you, try a Christmas game in July! Above all, have fun!


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