How To Play Christmas Trivia Games

After all the gifts have been unwrapped, and Christmas dinner has been eaten, you'll need an activity to keep your friends and family occupied into the snowy evening. Why not play a game of Christmas trivia? If you're not sure how to play, follow these simple instructions on how to play Christmas trivia games.

First consider the your participants' ages. If you are going to play with a group of children, then simpler questions about popular Christmas themes, cartoons, and movies might be suitable topics. If your party is made up of mostly adults, then you can research more challenging question categories such as Christmas folklore, tradition, and classic holiday films.

Now it's time to do the research. The best tool to utilize for this step is obviously the internet. There are sites that already have Christmas trivia questions and their answers, ready for you to print out. You can ask your parents, or friends if they know any unique trivia about the holiday. Television in the month of December is nothing but wall to wall Christmas movies and cartoons.  Watch a few, and take notes. Either way, you'll learn a lot about the holiday, and this is knowledge you'll be able to share with your family, in a fun and interesting way.

The next step in playing Christmas trivia games is setting up the pieces, cards, and rules for your games. This is where you can get creative. Write out all of your questions and answers on index cards. Choose a scoring system, and rewards for people who get the answers correct. If each team answers five questions correctly, give them all a candy cane or a chocolate Santa. The overall winner could get an even larger trophy, such as a DVD or stuffed toy, depending on the age of the players. Make sure that in the end, each player receives some sort of prize. After all, this is Christmas!

If you have the resources, you can also make your trivia game into a board game. Simply turn any larger piece of paper or cardboard into the board with some colorful drawings or stickers, and use ornaments for game pieces. Each question that is correctly answered allows a team to move one step forward. The first person, or team, to reach the end, wins.

Have fun playing your Christmas trivia games. This is a guaranteed way to make this holiday season more fun and festive than ever before. Who knows? Maybe trivia games will become a new tradition for your family to share during every holiday season.


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