How To Play Free Online Slots Games

It's free, it's fun and it's legal. There's just one rule. Place a coin or a token in the slot and swing the arm. Depending on your luck, the machine either lights up or stays mum. Either way, slots games may pull you into yet another round. It's no big secret that slot games have existed for a long time. The so-called ‘one-arm bandit', in fact has been around since 1887. Nowadays, slot games are still popular, especially in casinos. Currently, they have found a considerable market online. Without the hassle of checking into a casino or the burden of transportation fees, online slot games also called play slots, online slots, video slots, win slots or cash games provide what gamers want: the luxury of having fun at home.

The good news is that most of these online slot games are free downloads. Just type ‘online slot games' into Google; 23 million results would come out. Other slot game websites may require registration, but some, if not most, just need an updated version of Java.

So, you love playing online slots games and you have updated Java. But before you slide that Visa card and play ‘Wheel of Fortune', read the following tips:

  • Go to a legitimate website. It's not only safe but it's also profitable. Your credit card number will be safe and your identity will remain confidential. Some websites may even offer freebies or bigger prizes. One reviewer suggests the following websites:,, or It may also be a good idea to use the online banking programs indicated by the website. Examples of reliable bank programs are Neteller, Click2pay or PayPal Casino.
  • Fat chance. Online or not, slot games remain the same. Every slot game runs on the concept of randomness. There is an arithmetical principle behind the method, but contrary to popular belief, you can never guess what comes out next (the numbers or characters change too fast).
  • Know your machine. Some slots game programs or machines will only give you as much of a prize as the coins inserted. There's even one type of slot game called Buy-a-Pay Slot that requires all maximum coins. Even if you get the jackpot, the prize will be forfeited if you used only one or two coins.
  • Have a money plan. Being online may make it too easy. Be careful on maxing out on your credit. Just plan your amount of money to play for the day.
  • Play for fun. Playing is fun when you're enjoying the game. Take the frequent breaks you need. It's just a game, after all.
  • Don't forget to anti-‘ware' your pc. Chances are when you're online, even if the website is secure, you may get all sorts of malware loaded. Get a free spyware or an anti-virus program for your pc, etc. You may choose some from it's free (like the slot game you're playing).

Slot machine games offer a different kind of recreational fun. The online types are even better. Remember, whether it's play slots, online slots, video slots, win slots or cash games, to play it safe and responsible.


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