How To Play Stick Cricket

"Play Stick Cricket" is the world's most popular online version of playing cricket. Play Stick Cricket was generated by a company from Sydney called Cann Creative. Later Cann Creative and Advergamer, a company from London, collaborated together. Now it is known as "Stick Sports."

For playing Stick Cricket, you should have Adobe Flash player installed on your computer. Also Javascript should be enabled in your browser. The website helps you to get the training. Initially, you can practice and perform later. If you sign up on the website, you can join any league from around the world. There are usually 5 or 6 leagues open for anyone. But the private leagues are open only for the ones who have an account. You need a login ID and password for it. The registered players can form their own team, and they are accessible to select the players, kits, name of the team, batting and can even view their current status.

In earlier versions, when playing the Stick Cricket game, the players were usually the sticks. In the new versions of Stick Cricket, they are human batsmen. While playing Stick Cricket, you have to make as many runs as possible. Stick Cricket is played by using only four arrows. It's a very simple game. The arrows are:

  1. Left arrow - For leg glance or pull
  2. Up arrow - For straight drive or defense
  3. Right arrow - For cut or cover drive
  4. Down arrow - For duck

There are following game modes in Play Stick Cricket-

  1. All Star Slog - You can play 5, 10, 20 or 50 over matches opposite to the All Stars.
  2. World Domination - You have to play against 16 international teams in 20 over matches each.
  3. Multiplayer (BETA) - You have to play for 5 over against any player from the world. It enhances your skill.
  4. Head2head - You can play any match that's currently going on.
  5. World T2 - You can play for 2 over in each game.
  6. Club Challenge - You get a chance to hit 10 balls and make as many runs as possible.
  7. Premier League - You can select one of the IPL teams for batting and an opponent too.

The Play Stick Cricket has a "hall of fame." It provides you with all the essential information such as the highest team total, the highest inning by the individual, highest strike rate, best over played by the player, most perfect bowling, and all the other updates.

Overall Play Stick Cricket is the best online entertaining website.


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