Play To Win: How To Choose the 4 Best Games to Play at a Casino

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You’ve entered your first casino with friends. You hit up a few different games and lose. Big time.

This happens to many people who are new to the casino scene. All it means is you didn’t try out the best games to play at a casino.

There are some, such as blackjack and craps, that will give the player a bigger edge against the dealer. Which, as you can imagine, will result in a much larger pay off for you.

Not sure which tables to go to and which ones to avoid? 

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are a few games that you should try out the next time you go to a casino.

1. Blackjack 

Blackjack is a bad game to play if you're introverted because there is always a crowd of people. Even if there isn't, you still have the live dealer tables to deal with.

It is a good game to play, though, if you want to up your chances for a big payoff. This is because out of all the games in a casino, blackjack has the lowest house edge. You can even up your chances if you strategize. 

It's also a fun game to play so you shouldn't leave the casino without giving it a shot. 

2. Craps 

The house edge in craps isn't as low as it is for blackjack, but it's still low enough where your chances for success are high. It's not a hard game for beginners to learn and it's high energy, which makes it a ton of fun. 

Keep in mind that if you are playing the game in person that it is pretty social. If you think this will throw off your betting strategy, then you may want to try a different game.  

3. Baccarat 

If a game of craps is too high-energy for you, then you'll want to try your hand at Baccarat. It's slow-paced and has a pretty low house edge over the players. It's also easy to learn.

You and the dealer will have a stack of cards, and from there it's just a matter of calculating your card values. While you can strategize for this one, there is no pressure to. You can sit back and enjoy the game if you prefer.

4. Slot Machines 

The payoffs on slot machines aren't too terrible and they are great if you're an introvert. All you have to do is put your money in the machine, pull the handle, and hope you hit it big. There's no strategy involved and no pressure. 

Best Games to Play at a Casino If You Want to Win 

Are you ready to win big? All you've got to do is pick the best games to play at a casino. Choose the ones that have the lowest house edge and the biggest payoffs. 

Try out some of the games on this list and give yourself the edge that you need to win. 

Did this article help you bring a lot of money home from the casino? Check out our blog daily for even more helpful tips.  


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