Popular Books on Ancient Egyptian Civilization

We want to learn more about our history to understand our present. It's no wonder why people have an endless interest in knowing more about Egyptian, Roman, Mayan, Aztec and other western civilizations. But among these civilizations, Egyptian ancient civilization is perhaps the most intriguing, mysterious and shocking of all.

It's a good thing there are books about the ancient Egyptian civilization that can tell us all about the lives of Cleopatra, Nefertiti, King Tut and other famous characters of the Egyptian history. Isn't it interesting to know their war strategy, their medicine, their way of communication, their language, their beliefs or their strategy to live? Reading books about ancient Egyptian civilization will be like discovering some controversial issues of the past.

So, are you ready to dig deeper into the mysterious world of ancient Egypt? Here are the books that can take you on an adventure to the past!

  1. Gift from the Pharaohs: How Ancient Egyptian Civilization Shaped the Modern World by Christiane DesRosches Noblecourt - This book explores the ancient Egyptian civilization's influence on our modern world. The idea of a lion being the king of all animals came from Egypt. Even the New Year's Day kiss was originally practiced in Egypt. Medicine has also gained so much from the Egyptian civilization — use of pills, pregnancy tests, eye drops, and inhalations — these are just some of what we owe to the Egyptian civilization. This book will be a perfect buddy if you want to know how far the ancient Egyptian civilizations have affected our everyday lives.
  2. The Ancient Egyptians and the Origin of Civilization by G. Elliot Smith - This is perhaps one of the earliest books regarding the Egyptian civilization. This focuses on how the Egyptians were able to spread their culture to other parts of the world. In fact, traces of the old civilization were gathered from many European sites. This revealing book, however, is so hard to find nowadays. Besides its helpful information, the rarity of this book makes it more valuable and popular. Aside from this book, the same author also wrote "The Ancient Egyptians and Their Influences upon the Civilization of Europe." This was first published in 1911 and like his other book, this is hard to find.
  3. Strange Histories: The Egyptians by Jane Shuter - The title alone of this book makes it very interesting. Here, you'll not only find revealing texts but pictures of the original documents, artifacts and historical maps of the ancient Egyptian civilization. If you are only interested in how strange that era was, then this book is a great pick.
  4. Egyptians by Laura Parker, Colin King and Stephanie Turnbull - Want to feel like you are in the ancient Egyptian civilization and one of the Egyptians? Then this book will explain to you how the ancient Egyptians lived — why they build pyramids, why they mummified, how they spend their day, etc.

More than the ancient Egyptian civilization, knowing the Roman Empire, the Mayan's way of living, and the Aztec's beliefs can be so intriguing, too. But nothing can be compared with the controversies, richness and influence of the ancient civilization in Egypt.


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