How To Find a Price Guide for Hot Wheels

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Hot Wheels cars are definitely growing in numbers, not in hundreds, there are thousands of them. These cars will indeed give you a wide selection. Together with the growing number of toy cars, the collectors are growing as well. For collectors, a price guide for hot wheels is a must. Without it, you may get lost in all the numbers of collectibles.

Hot Wheels are diecast car models that are manufactured by Mattel and were introduced in the year 1968. These diecast cars originally targeted children. However, not until recently did they cater to the demand of adult vehicle collectors. The brand is famous for small-scale models of custom hot rods and muscle cars. Presently, there are 10,000 different models of Hot Wheels available worldwide.

Hot Wheels Price Guides

Almost all Hot Wheels diecast model collectors keep a price guide with them to accompany them in completing their collection. With so many models released since 1968, having a price guide will be so helpful. When you have a price guide, you will be able to analyze the monetary value of your toy cars. It also helps you on deciding what car toy model to purchase next. When you have a price guide, chances of picking a wrong model will be lessened. Of course, chances of getting an overpriced toy will be avoided, too.

Some of the most popular price guides for Hot Wheels are:

  • Tomart's Guide to Hot Wheels. There are various releases of this book to give you the latest price information of Hot Wheels models. Their website is,
  • Hall's This is an online price guide of different models of hot wheels collectibles. More than the price guide, this site also provides the latest information regarding diecast cars.
  • Beckett Price Guide to Hot Wheels. This guide actually gives a lot of information on more than a thousand models of hot wheels collectibles.

Hot Wheels Prices

The prices of Hot Wheels actually vary from time to time. In fact, you can even sell your old collections for up to three times or more of its original value. However, as a general rule, the price guides to hot wheels are one thing that most collectors respect.

If you check the history, the most expensive car was sold for $72,000. It was a Volkswagen Beach Bomb, sold in 2000. However, the usual prices of Hot Wheels cars range from $2 to $400. It appears that the older the car is, the higher is its price. For example, the 2009 Series of Hot Wheels are only priced at $2 or $3. On the other hand, the cheapest car in the 1969 Series collectibles, which is the Silhouette Metallic Rose, is priced at $80.

Also, one of the determinants of the price is the history of the car. One of the most famous collectible cars is the Hot Wheels accelaracers. These acceleracers, manufactured in 2005, were featured in four movies and many short segments that actually made their price higher than contemporary collections. It is priced from $15 to $20.

There is indeed a wide selection of Hot Wheels collectibles, and it can lead you as far as your budget can afford. So when you have the mania over collecting Hot Wheels toy cars, whether it is a classic, world race car, or any other type, it will always be best to have a price guide. Collecting toys like Hot Wheels will be easy with a price guide.


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