Put SNES, NES, Sega, and Other Classic Games on Your Sony PSP

The new video games on the PSP offer lots of action, challenges, and amazing graphics, but some gamers miss the old classic games from the old game consoles. There are still a lot of Nintendo and Sega fans out there that wish they had their old consoles and game cartridges, but think it would be so cool if they could play them on today's consoles like the PSP. Since the introduction of Emulators and ROMs, it is now possible to play classic games on just about any game console or even your computer. An Emulator is a program that you can install on your game console or computer that will allow you to play an old video game by duplicating the old game console's functions. Read Only Memory or ROMs are software copies of the classic game cartridges. With both the Emulator and Rom you can play old school games like Super Mario Bros., Zelda games, or Dune.

  1. Check if you have the right firmware version. Check your PSP to see if you have the firmware version 1.0 or 1.5. If you have a higher version, then you need to downgrade to 1.0 or 1.5. You can go to psp-hacks.com to help you find PSP downgraders.
  2. Connect your PSP to the computer. Once you've downgraded your PSP to the proper version we can begin loading the emulator. Connect the PSP to the computer with a PSP compatible USB cable. On your PSP go to "USB Connection". Your PSP will now act like a hard drive.
  3. Download a game system emulator. You will find that each game console, like Nintendo or Sega, will have their own emulators online. Download the emulator to your desktop so it won't be hard to find. If it is zipped, extract it to your desktop.
  4. Download the Sei PSP tool. The Sei PSP tool will help setup the emulator on your PSP. You can also download this through psp-hacks.com.
  5. Setup the Emulator with Sei PSP tool. Open the Sei PSP tool and enter the emulator's name that you downloaded. In the PHP box click the "..." and browse for the EBOOT.php file that you downloaded to the desktop. In the drive box check if the PSP is the selected drive. Put a check mark on the Hide Corrupt Data option then click Generate.
  6. Download game ROMs. You'll find an array of classic game ROMs on the internet. Download the one that matches the emulator you downloaded. If the Rom is zipped, extract it to the desktop.
  7. Transfer the game ROMs to your PSP and start playing. You will have a GAME folder in your PSP, so locate this folder and open it. In it there will be two folders, one is the emulatorname folder and second is the emulatorname% folder. Move the game ROMs from your desktop to the "emulatorname" folder. Now on the PSP exit the USB connection, go to GAME, Memory Stick then Emulator name. You can now begin to play your classic game on the PSP.

Emulators and game ROMS enable us to revisit those video games we grew up with and face the challenges again, but this time on a Sony PSP.


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