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More Science & Nature Articles

  • Raising Earthworms: Earthworm Information and Farming

    There are several reasons for having an earthworm farm, including (but of course not limited to) fish bait, the creating of fantastic soil, and the love of science and...
  • How To Take Care of a Butterfly Cocoon

    If you’re an elementary school science teacher or a mom to curious little kids, you might already know that witnessing a caterpillar turning into a butterfly is one...
  • How To Track Birds

    Bird migration is not a new term. Every year birds migrate in search for food and better living accommodations. These birds are forced to travel to other areas to seek...
  • How To Setup a Thriving Freshwater Aquarium

    Part of the Zen experience of an aquarium is to be able to set it up in such a way that it will be easy to maintain and to keep it fresh and thriving.
  • How To Measure a Vibration

    Vibrations are a sort of wave energy and can be measured just like noise levels or light if you know how to measure a vibration.
  • How To Model a Cell With Modeling Clay

    Cells are integral parts of the human body, and they are usual subjects in elementary and high school biology. Teachers may require their students to bring a cell...
  • How To Learn Dowsing

    Dowsing is used to look for items that are located underground or for water sources and other energy. Here are tips on how to learn to dowse.
  • How To Fix an Aquarium Chiller

    Having trouble maintaining temperature in your aquarium? It's important to keep the chiller in working order. Here's how to fix an aquarium chiller.
  • How To Appraise Antique Swords

    Love to collect swords? Learn about appraising and purchasing older weaponry. Here's how to appraise antique swords.
  • How To Raise Earthworms Successfully

    If you've decided to raise earthworms, you have to set up an environment where your worms can thrive. Just follow these suggestions for healthy worms.
  • How To Be Creative with Aquarium Decor

    Keeping fish is so relaxing. Just watching your beautiful little pets can reduce your stress. You can make your aquarium ever better by boosting its natural decor.
  • How To Measure Vibrations

    Too much vibration such as from machinery can be hard on your body, and on the machinery as well. There are ways to measure vibration to reduce its damage.
  • How To Clean a 10 Gallon Freshwater Fish Tank

    Need to clean your aquarium but unsure how to do it? Learn tips for cleaning a 10 gallon freshwater fish tank.
  • How To Clean a 55 Gallon Fish Tank

    A 55 gallon fish tank presents a substantial cleaning task, but you can get your large fish tank clean better and faster by following these cleaning suggestions.
  • How To Identify Silver Ore

    Silver is a valuable metal that can be found throughout the globe in geological deposits. Learn ways to identify silver ore and where it is found.
  • How To Use a Face Plate on a Metal Detector

    Learn to use the various controls on the face plate of your metal detector and you will have more luck in your metal detector outings.
  • How To Cure Cowhide

    When you properly cure cowhide, it will appear clean and will be durable.
  • How To Reduce the Cost of Pet Ownership

    Learn ways to save on the high cost of owning a pet right from the beginning in obtaining one through to daily maintenance.
  • How To Read Weather Radar

    Some people may get confused or hesitant about how to read weather radar reports, but it is very simple to do so.
  • How To Put on a Beekeeping Suit

    A beekeeping suit is worn to protect a beekeeper from stinging bees. It may look like a spacesuit to some, but it’s really very simple.
  • How To Prevent Flea Bites

    To prevent flea bites, it is important to apply preventive measures to keep fleas away from your pet, yourself, and your home.
  • What is the Deadliest Spider in the World

    Although you may think that the Black Widow spider is the most lethal spider in the world, think again. Here is a list of the top seven deadliest spiders in the world.
  • How To Prevent Lyme Disease in Pets

    Human intervention is needed to prevent Lyme disease in pets, and here are some of the steps you can take to keep your cats and dogs healthy.
  • What is an Alpha Male

    In the animal kingdom, the alpha male is determined by the physical structure of the animal, as well as its ferocity, especially in engaging another animal in battle.
  • How To Decorate a Freshwater Aquarium

    To make the experience of owning a freshwater aquarium more fun and relaxing, decorate with a few accessories to liven it up.
  • How To Participate in an Archaeological Dig

    If you are a professional or if you are interested as an amateur archaeologist, there are actually several opportunities for you to participate in an archaeological dig.
  • How To Buy a Horse and Buggy

    After evaluating your area and its traffic, you can start scouting for that horse and buggy you would like to own. Here’s how to do it.
  • How To Use Wind Power as an Energy Source

    You cannot use wind power as an energy source if you do not first know how it works. Wind power operates under the principle that air is a fluid.
  • How To Make Miniature Animals

    An easy way to get a ‘pet’ at home is by making miniature animals. There are a number of materials that can be used in creating these little creatures.
  • How To Build Your Own Reptile Cage

    Make your reptile cage as exotic as your pet by making it a do-it-yourself project. It is very rewarding to maintain a pet reptile and to give it a place it can call...
  • How To Identify Moose Tracks

    Here’s how you can identify moose tracks in order to track them down and observe them in their natural environment.
  • How To Make Faux Aquarium Rocks

    Making aquarium rocks is now possible and easy. Faux rocks, also called fancy or fake rocks, can now supplement expensive sea rocks.
  • How To Make a Praying Mantis Habitat

    A praying mantis can be as short as a few centimeters and as long as several inches. They often camouflage to hide from their enemies and spy on potential prey.
  • How To Complete an Animal Adoption

    When considering animal adoption, it's better to go to an animal shelter than a breeder or pet store because the former gives you access to support services.
  • How To Find a Model Agency for Pets

    Finding an excellent model agency for your pet will be beneficial to you and your little charmer. Be wary of agencies that could just waste your time and money.
  • How To Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

    Love animals? If you’re interested in volunteering at the animal shelter, here are steps that would help you out:
  • How To Attract Butterflies to a Butterfly House

    A butterfly house is an enclosed area where butterflies are kept. They use these houses in order to protect butterflies from the harsh weather or other threats.
  • How To Learn How Magnet Motors Work

    Interested in how magnet motors work? A magnet motor makes use of magnets to produce energy. Magnet motors don’t depend on other sources of energy.
  • How To Build an Aquarium from Scratch

    Here are the directions for making a 10 gallon aquarium from scratch. You will first need to decide between acrylic and glass walls for the aquarium.
  • How To Build a 150-Gallon Fish Aquarium

    The first step in building your 150 gallon fish aquarium is to find out what the exact measurements in three dimensions are going to be to construct a tank of this size.
  • How To Do Force Measurement

    Force measurement is not only used in physics. Force measurements are also used to calculate in buildings, roads, bridges, machines and many more.
  • How To Make a Honey Bee Hive

    Raising honey bees is a fascinating and worthwhile endeavor. If you're a beginner, this article will give you a head start on raising your own hive.
  • How To Keep Birding Records in a Field Notebook

    Whether in your backyard or out in the forest, birding is a fun an relaxing way to spend a few minutes or a few hours. Here's how to keep a record of your bird watching.
  • How To Kill Insects Organically

    Here are some organic ways for how to stop bugs from terrorizing you and your garden.
  • How To Kill German Roaches

    It's time to learn some Terminator tactics for how to kill the German roaches that are sneaking around your house. This article will help you.
  • How To Do Insect Identification

    If you come across an odd bug, you may want to do insect identification to figure out exactly what it is. There are lots of resources to help you.
  • How To Find Egyptian Artifacts

    Ancient Egypt left marks for us to see, for us to get an idea of how their world was about 3,000 years ago, thanks to the Egyptian artifacts.
  • How To Donate Your Help To Animals

    You can follow these three simple guidelines on how to begin helping animals, whether they're in your neighborhood or across the globe.
  • How To Save Endangered Animals

    There are many things each one of us could do every day to help preserve the lives of endangered animals. Here's how to help.
  • How To Prevent Land Pollution

    Thinking ahead for disposing of items must be a priority if we are to prevent land pollution.