How To Set Up a Ping Pong Table

Ping pong is a fun and engaging sport; even better, it requires minimal skill to set up. Ping pong tables can be purchased at many major retailers including Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Costco. Setting up the table is as simple as unfolding the table and setting up the ping pong net.  Here's how to set up in a few minutes.

Step 1: Roll the table into a large open room; make sure there is enough room on all sides for unobstructed play. Special care should be taken to make sure that the table isn't on top of any pillows, teddy bears or other soft objects.

Step 2: Spread the table and lock the hinges. This can be done by looking under the table, finding the metal hinges, and pushing them up to lock them in place.

Step 3: Begin to set up the net. This is done by attaching the first clamp to one side of the ping pong table along the center line, with the pole sticking into the air.

Step 4: Slide the circular cloth end of the net over the pole. If the end of the net is too snug for the pole, slide increasingly larger objects into it in order to widen it out.

Step 5: Attach the second clamp of the pole to the other side of the ping pong net; make sure that the pole is on the exact opposite side of the ping pong table so the net will make a perfect straight line.

Step 6:
Slide the other end of the net over the pole on the other side of the table. If you’re having trouble slipping this end over the pole as well, repeat the instructions from Step 4 until a good fit is made.

Step 7: Pull the poles in opposite directions from one another to tighten the net. Take special care not to break the poles, as they are usually made of plastic and are easily breakable.

Step 8: To tighten the top of the net, tie the string at the top of the net to the base of the pole. If a knot is too hard to make, staples or tape can also be used.

Step 9: Enjoy your newly set up ping pong table! Invite friends, family, neighbors and co-workers over in order to fully maximize the fun of this great game. Throw a party or barbeque if you really enjoy it.


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