How To Find Sites with Free Game Download Demos

There are a lot of websites that offer a download demo of a game for free. This will give you a chance to test a game before opting to buy the full version. These websites usually let you test the game for a full hour. When the game demo expires, you can choose to purchase the full version in order to continue playing your game. You can take advantage of these free demos so that you won't waste money on buying a game that you are not going to enjoy.

Here are some websites that offer free game download demos:

  1. - This is a website that offers new games every day. The new releases have free download demos that you can download and play for an hour. There are also games on this website that you can purchase for $6.99. You can also download the trailer of a game on this site. There are also games here that are available for gamers who are using a Macintosh computer. Another feature of this site is the Big Fish Games Toolbar. When you download this toolbar, you can purchase selected full game downloads for as low as $2.99.
  2. - There are hundreds of software games that are available on this game website. You can search the games according to the genre. There are also options for free games, steals and deals, and cash games. Be sure to check out the steals and deals section to purchase some games that are discounted. This website also offers the best downloads for PC games. Check the website regularly to find new games.
  3. - PlayFirst offers the newest and best games there are. The games that can be downloaded here are tested for quality and for viruses so you are sure to download games that are safe. There are also online games available on the website that you can play while waiting for your download.
  4. - This website offers lots of games. You have the option to download multiplayer games or to download patches for games that you already have. Other games that are available on this website are strategy games, simulation games, shooter games and RPG. There are also drivers, other software, demos and mods for different games.
  5. - This website is especially made for game demos. There are a lot of categories of games that you can choose to try on the website. Some of the popular games here include Road Rash, Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason, Fallout 3, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Civilization IV. You can buy cheap games on the website for less than $10.

These are some of the best websites that offer a free download demo for lots of games. It is good to take advantage of these download demos, especially if the game that you are planning to buy is fairly new. Some free game downloads may restrict you from using different settings on the game. You have to purchase the full version in order to get to test other options.


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