How To Find Sites with Free Music Downloads

To download or not to download, that is the question.   

The Internet, being as big as it is now, has paved the way for easy and instant access to almost anything. Music has become widely available for everyone in the world because of the wonders of the World Wide Web. With the Internet, all the information you need is within reach with just a click of a mouse. Today, you can search and get literally anything from the millions of websites published online. Everything you may or may not need is there, including the endless music resources.

It is interesting to note how music has conformed to the demands of our modern times. Wasn't it merely a decade or so ago that we listened to our favorite rock band over a cassette player? Today, mp3 music file formatting has brought our music vices into the online mainstream. Thus, we now have iTunes, Winamp, Windows media player and many more that cater to our music needs.

Recently, intellectual property rights issues have slowly been ironed out by authorities. There used to be a significant number of unlicensed distributions of copyright material available online. Music piracy is certainly one of the top concerns that triggered recent hasty lawsuits against some unauthorized websites causing a number of shut downs and website conversions. This is exactly why it is very important to stack up on all the music you can get by downloading them from any website you have come across to offer a free music download feature. Moreover, it is similarly important to keep tabs on websites that still offer 100% free music downloads.  

Sometimes if you are lucky enough you can actually download music free of charge from a legitimate website that offers this feature to their subscribers and members. Another option is to sign up for membership to an online music community for a certain amount of money that promises you quality mp3 downloads. Napster was formerly a known haven for online piracy. It is now operating legally and music downloading is still available through premium membership. You can also opt to download your free music using software such as Limewire or Frostwire that are Peer2Peer file sharing programs that connect users to one another and share files. 

Finding a website that has free music download benefits is not easy. A quick search in Google or any of your favorite search engines still gives you websites like,,,, and Try some of these and see if any of them work for you.


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