How To Find Software Tools for Embroidery Designs

Indeed, it is evident how technology has laid its fingers on every aspect of human existence, from the most complex computers, to electronic books, and now in the field of embroidery. Today, more and more software tools for embroidery designs are offered by many web sites. These sites provide a wide variety of embroidery tools that will help in creating unique and ingenious embroidery designs.

Stated below are the services offered by Buzz Tools, one of the world's leading embroidery software manufacturers:

1.    Buzz 2 Stitches (Embroidery Designs Custom Embroidery Tool)

What does it offer?

  • Allows conversion of graphics into cross-stitch designs
  • Features “hand made” and customizable designs
  • Provides pre-configured embroidery designs (e.g. photographs, cartoons, texts, outlines)
  • Offers easy editing (e.g. altering of colors, changing of color order)
  • Presents customizable cloth types like saree

Advantages of the advanced software:

  • Allows real-time adjustment of all stitches and fills in all regions
  • Permits a variety of stitching types
  • Supplies 100 extra graphics
  • Provides video tutorials and technical support

2.    BuzzBox (Embroidery Designs Transfer System Tool)

What does it offer?

  • Features an easy and fast method for transmitting digital embroidery designs to embroidery machines
  • Consists of USB cable, 1MB memory card, software installation package, and reader and/or writer box

3.    BuzzXplore (Embroidery Designs Management Tool)

What does it offer?

  • Allows easy browsing of embroidery designs
  • Permits conversion and zip processing of designs
  • Displays realistic and fast preview of embroidery designs
  • Offers tools for organizing and retrieving of designs
  • Categorizes thousand of designs through “automatic folders” (e.g. Lace section)
  • Generates “automatic captions” for each embroidery design
  • Provides storage space for projects
  • Features easy printing of designs
  • Includes tools for securing corrupt files
  • Contains free manuals

4.    BuzzEdit (Embroidery Designs Digitizing Software Tool)

What does it offer?

  • Provides splitting and slicing of embroidery designs
  • Features printable and easy-to-use layout designs
  • Offers tools for effortless editing (e.g. background, spacing, and colors alternation)
  • Permits 3D and sensible viewing of embroidery designs
  • Checks on sewing software updates and add-ons
  • Allows creation of stitch-based designs

5.    BuzzEdit (Embroidery Designs Adjusting Tool)

What does it offer?

  • Allows adjustments for density of stitches
  • Permits resizing of embroidery designs up to 200% while sustaining original patterns
  • Provides devices for resizing colors per section
  • Features tools for recalculation of stitch patterns
  • Includes instruments for mirror previews
  • Tolerates design rotations
  • Provides embroidery sewing simulation

6.    Buzz Tools Plus (Embroidery Designs Advanced Management Tool)

What does it offer?

  • Permits quick and simple recovery of embroidery designs
  • Supports all formats for designs
  • Allows fast and effortless conversion to any format
  • Features multiple printing
  • Generates detailed summary of color splitting
  • Allows simultaneous tasks
  • Has wizards to help you in the process
  • Contains free tutorial
  • Features resizing and rotating of designs
  • Includes tools for color alternation

With the abovementioned embroidery software, your hobby will become easier and lots more fun. Don't miss out on these great tools, check the Internet now and grab your copy. 


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