How To Start a Scrapbook Club

If you enjoy putting together scrapbooks while in the company of others, then starting a scrapbook club is for you.  Starting up a club is easy and fun, and allow members to share tips with each other.  Even better, because many scrapbook materials and tools are rather expensive, starting a scrapbook club means that all members can share the available tools.

Whatever the reason to start a scrapbook club, the benefits are endless and rewarding.  With the popularity of scrap booking, it's easy to find people who are interested.  Checking with close friends and relatives is the best place to start.  Even those who may not scrapbook at the present time will be interested in learning and sharing in the free tips and quality time.

If you don't have friends and family that are interested, you can post an ad looking for people who would want to join your scrapbook club.  Great places would be at your child's school, a local exercise class or even online.

Once you have some members for your scrapbook club, you can begin setting a schedule.  Remember, you only need a few people to start your club, as more will join over time.  Choose to meet as often as you wish, maybe once a week or once a month, depending on how often your club would like to scrapbook.

Also choose the location of where to start your scrapbook club each week, possibly by rotating houses of the club members or meeting at one central location.

When starting your scrapbook club, choose how structured you would like each meeting to be.  Some scrapbook clubs are lenient and allow for each member to work on her own project at her own pace.  Other scrapbook clubs focus on a specific skill each week in order to better educate the members of the club.  Or you can pick a theme for each meeting and have your club members bring in photos for the given theme.  Then everyone can work on her own page with the available materials.

Starting a scrapbook club means that you must not only have a comfortable setting, but also that you have the available tools for people to practice with.  Be sure to have a wide variety of scrapbooking materials available for your members to try out, including paper, embellishments, stickers, and punch-outs.

Don't forget to complete your scrapbook club with a light snack, dessert or drink!  And of course, always encourage your guests to share their completed projects.


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