How To Use Kevlar Thread

Kevlar can be made into a type of thread that is an exceptionally strong material. It is also heat resistant. Kevlar thread is mainly used for stitching hard materials, such as denim. It is used in clothing, bags, belts, and other items. This material is strong because of the way that it is woven. This material was first created in 1965 and has been widely used in different areas ever since.

Here is more information on the strength of Kevlar thread:

  1. Properties of Kevlar Thread. What makes Kevlar thread different from other types of thread are the properties that it possesses. Kevlar thread is resistant to heat and does not melt. It is also a good thread to use for storage materials, as it is resistant to mold and mildew and it does not age. However, Kevlar thread can lose some of these properties and deteriorate when it is exposed under direct sunlight for a long period of time.
  2. Sizes. There are a lot of different sizes of Kevlar threads that are available. The size describes the thickness of the thread. There are up to six size groups for Kevlar threads. Sizes 23-45 are used for fishing. Sizes 46-69 are used for belts, bags, clothing and hard fabrics. Sizes 70-206 are used for rain gear, plastics and gloves. Sizes 207-345 are for conveyor belts and straps. Sizes 346-553 are for airplanes and model rockets. Sizes 554 and higher are also used for airplanes.
  3. Types of Kevlar. The first type is filament Kevlar. The filament Kevlar is created by putting together 2 or more Kevlar threads to achieve a certain size. The second is the monocord. This type of Kevlar thread has a single thread and is less strong than the filament Kevlar. The third is the spun Kevlar. Spun Kevlar threads are the ones that are wrapped with cotton so that they can be dyed. The fourth is the yarn Kevlar, which is made up of thin strands that form filaments.
  4. Color. Kevlar threads only come in one color. It has a yellowish tint. The thread cannot be dyed to another shade, as that can alter the properties of the thread. If they are required to be dyed, then they can be covered or spun with cotton thread to be dyed. These dyed versions are not as strong as the original Kevlar thread without the cotton. These colored Kevlar threads are used for sewing vests and helmets of firemen, and in racing suits.

These are some of the properties of Kevlar thread that make it unique and stronger than other threads. It is important to know that the larger sized Kevlar threads cannot be used without a special sewing machine that can accommodate the thickness of the thread. The thickest size of Kevlar thread that can be used for a home sewing machine is 69. Bigger sizes of Kevlar thread require commercial or industrial sewing machines to stitch the thread on different materials. 


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