How To Survive a Freestyle Rap Battle

When it comes to rap, battling is essential because this is where the world of rap all started. The objective is to produce rap lyrics that would insult on the spot without any scripts, to battle with the rival rapper. The rapper that delivers most effectively, has better lyrics, and gets the most positive response from the crowd wins. Freestyle rap battles are now gaining popularity in movies and television series.

When in a freestyle rap battle, be sure to include these two features in your lyrics:

  1. Make a comparison that can insult your rivals on how they walk, dress, talk, etc.
  2. Include humor in your lyrics, making the crowd, the judges, or even your rivals laugh. This can help by making your rival possibly lose concentration. It is a big opportunity for you to win the freestyle rap battle.

Writing different rhymes that you can incorporate into a freestyle rap battle will help you get better in rapping, prepping your for on-the-spot lyrics.

When you are the first one to be spit at in the fight, bring up the insults that were directed at you and say “so what?” so that your opponent won’t have anything to fight back with. A great representation of a freestyle rap battle is in the movie "8 Mile".

Here are some tips to survive a freestyle rap battle:

  1. Never come up with lyrics that have nothing to do with your opponent. Make them as insulting as possible. Never say things like, “I’m going to shoot you”, or make up lies like “you are a gigolo” when it’s not true.
  2. Never look down, always look in your rival's eyes. Don’t make it so hard and so close, that your opponent might punch you in the face.
  3. While your rival is rapping, try to listen, and at the same time, compose various lyrics in your mind, and make it fast. Even if the words are simple, as much as possible make the lyrics rhyme.
  4. Putting rhymes into your rap lyrics will make you sound skilled and can affect the confidence of your rival.
  5. Include the people around you such as in the crowd, as they will appreciate being part of the rap.

Here are some tips to improve your skills and techniques in a freestyle rap battle.

  1. To improve your skills and technique, watch a movie that represents freestyle battle. You can also watch an online home movie that shows various techniques that can help you out.
  2. Listen carefully to professional rappers, artists like Jay-Z, Eminem, Tupac etc. It will help you to have an idea of where to work on your skills.
  3. Practice rapping as much as you can, while driving or while in the shower.
  4. Practice a freestyle rap battle with anyone who’s all right with insults. You can say anything, and practice delivering your lyrics well.

Just relax and be confident. When you panic, chances are you’ll mess up. Just keep on going. The battle can last longer than you think. The most important thing is to keep up with the battle, and survive the freestyle rap battle.


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