How To Find the Best Online Stores for Action Figures

Almost all children grew up playing with action figures. If not, they at least knew what they were. Action figures bring out the creative imagination of little boys and girls, modeled after fictitious heroes, heroines and villains. Whether you're looking for a specific action figure to play with, or if you want to complete your collection, you can often find just about any action figure online. Here's a great guide to help you find the best online stores for buying action figures.

Step 1

Surf to Action Figure Express, also known as AFX, is a well-known site among action figure collectors. It provides a wide selection of unique, exclusive and limited edition action figures as well as mini busts, statues and other small figurines. Prices are competitive and service and shipping are fast and professional. Popular purchases on this site are action figures from Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC Superheroes.

Step 2

Try Action HQ is a fantastic website for collectors to find the newest in action figure toys. This is because Action HQ is located in Hong Kong where many much-desired action figures are first manufactured. Surf to this site for collectible action figures before they hit the American stores.

Step 3

You'll like . This Los Angeles-based site is a worldwide leader in action figures. With multiple catalogues, online and retail stores, this action figure distributor is a popular choice for those collecting action figures. They offer over 5000 products and exceed industry-recognized standards when it comes to the "Mint Condition Guarantee," "Risk-Free Shopping" and "Hassle Free Returns." You've got to check out this one-stop online store for all your action figure needs.

Step 4

Go to Even though it's based in the United Kingdom (UK), Toyz and Gamez Co. is still one of the best and most popular online stores for finding collectible action figures. You can purchase figures individually, or you can partake in their renowned wholesale program. Prices for both methods of shopping are quite reasonable.

Step 5

Look on Another great UK online action figure store is Forbidden Planet. This store is one of the largest action figure retail chains in UK, so you'll surely be able to find that certain action figure you need for your collection. Obviously, they have thousands of different action figures to choose from, as well as gift certificates for the hard-to-buy-for action figure collector. If you're interested, you can also sign up for Forbidden Planet's newsletter, which alerts you to new action figures available, store events, and general action figure discussion. It's a great way to stay informed about action figure collecting.

Step 6

Don't forget to look on eBay!  The online auction site, eBay, still remains a great place to look for action figures. You can find used figures for relatively little money. Or you can surf to the many eBay stores to find a new-in-package action figure to complete your collection. For anyone interested in action figure collecting, this site and the others mentioned offer a huge variety of collectible action figures that will surely satisfy an avid action figure collector.


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