How To Understand the Importance of Dance

Dance has always played an important part in the history of the world. If you would take a peek at the old civilizations, dance was always a signal that something important had happened, will happen or is happening in their worlds. There have been dances that thanked the universe for bountiful harvests while there have also been dances that sought respite from drought and famine. Dances were also used to prepare warriors for battle, to crown Kings and to celebrate marriages.

Historically, dance has always been present during the most significant occasions. Recently, though, dance has seemed to lose its importance and core. It has been limited to shows and presentations showing the dance to entertain others only. This is so far removed from the past when dance was an expression of life.

During the period that dance occupied a special place of importance in society, people danced to express their innermost emotions. They danced during their happiest occasions. They danced as they expressed their sad and desperate plea for life during drought. They danced at the joy of seeing flowers bloom and green grass sprouting.

Dancers were highly regarded in society, even during the monarchy. Social ethics and demeanor were taught by dance instructors whose bearing and grace were perfectly suited to the haughty mien of the court. During that time, dance was graceful but stringent. And like a wolf kept on a leash, dance was kept subdued and afforded rules and manners that effectively kept people subservient enough for the monarchy to rule.

But dance is one of the things that separate man from beast. Only man can express the deepest emotions and highest joys that he feels in dance. Although for a time it seemed that man himself had killed dance and his ability to express himself by too stringent rules on dance, like a wolf straining to be free, dance has slowly freed itself from the chains and slowly regained its important place in society.

So what is the importance of dance, especially during this day and age?

  • Dance entertains. It gives joy and sadness, hope and longing, love and fear to both spectators and the dancers themselves. It shares the story of life.
  • Dance solves the problem of obesity. It is a very physical activity that allows us to move our limbs and be fit. The lack of physical activity and consequent obesity problem among our kids will be offset by dance if we are willing to embrace it.
  • Dance gives health. When we dance, our blood circulation improves. As the blood efficiently moves around the body, it brings more oxygen to the brain and strengthens the heart. Dance also releases the stress that has built up as the sweat pours out from dancing, releasing a happier you.
  • Dance makes you look good. Your muscles become toned. You look leaner and fitter. All these are achieved because of consistent and disciplined dancing.

Dance is the most enjoyable expression of life. Try it out and experience how fun and happy you can be by just dancing.



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