The Lost Art of Letter Writing: How To Write a Letter to a Friend

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Could there be anything more special than receiving a letter from a friend in the mail? Instead of bills and ads, you find a letter, crafted with love, specifically for you. That warm glowing feeling is exactly how your friend would feel if they received a letter from you. 

It's so rare that we receive letters in the mail from those we care about that it's something of a lost art. If you want to reignite this lovely tradition, you might be wondering how to write a letter to a friend in the first place. A blank page can be scary!

Keep reading, we'll explain how to write a letter that's genuine and heartfelt.

Don't Wait for Inspiration

Here's a secret: inspiration comes when you've already begun. If you were to meet your friend for lunch, you wouldn't pre-plan your conversation, right? The same goes for letter writing. 

There's no need to wait for inspiration and there's no character limit. You can write whatever you like and they'll love it because it's well-intentioned and personal. If you do want inspiration though, you can read some letters of note from famous people across history and get some great insights. 

When you first begin to write, you'll need to know how to format a letter. If you're typing it, there are great templates available. Otherwise, why not practice your handwriting?

Share Deeper Experiences

We're all so used to instant messages, email, and social media that we limit our writing. It's easy to have a thought and share it with your friends straight away. When we keep things short and snappy though, we leave out the depth. 

In your letter, talk more about your experiences. Say what you've been up to, what you're thinking about doing, how you're feeling, and unusual things that have happened. Give yourself permission to ramble a little if it's natural to you. 

Letters are wonderful because they show a much deeper insight into the writer. Don't place word limits on yourself or think you're drifting off the point. Your friend isn't your high school teacher, they want to read your thoughts. 

Give Recommendations

Read a great book recently? Watched an amazing movie?

Letters are a great way of sharing recommendations that aren't time-sensitive. Explain why you loved what you're recommending. Better yet, if you own the book and have finished it, why not send it in the mail along with your letter?

Ask Thoughtful Questions

Just because your friend can't reply straight away, it doesn't mean you can't ask questions. Letters are conversations that happen at a slower pace so ask thoughtful questions that don't require immediate responses.

Ask them how they're finding their new job or what they're planning for their next vacation. You can always ask for advice too. 

How to Write a Letter to a Friend

Once you begin writing a letter to one of your friends, you'll realize how much you have to say. Letter writing makes us think about things in a different way, one more thoughtful and with greater depth. Where online conversations are limiting, letter writing can go on and on. 

If you're not sure how to write a letter to a friend, think about how happy they'll be when they receive it and the motivation will come. Write without stifling yourself and feel free to ramble. That's where the magic happens. 

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