How To Create With Craft Paper

Craft paper is perhaps one of the most traditional paper art supplies, and is usually used for kids’ crafts. But do you know that this handmade paper can be more than just a children's craft item? As long as you set your imagination and creativity free, your paper art from craft paper will be limitless.

Okay, so now you’re thinking about doing some paper cut out or following some craft templates to make use of your paper art. Actually, this handmade paper is created for flexibility. Do you know that you can cut out some flowers, boxes, or mini mills out of craft paper? Do you also know that these flowers, boxes, and mini mills can be added to fun items like personal organizers or homemade gift boxes?

Again, organizers and boxes are not the only thing you can make with craft paper. Here are just some of the great art ideas you can make with some colorful and flexible craft paper:

  • Greeting cards. Who would have ever thought of creating greeting cards out of craft paper? This may seem obvious but a craft paper shouldn't just be the skeleton for your greeting cards. You can also make the design, envelope, and a lot more with craft paper. Just make sure you have different textures and different colors of craft paper; then, cut your designs out in the different styles, glue it together, and paste the completed flower, couple, puppies, what have you, to the craft paper card. You can even make confetti out of craft paper to add an element of surprise when the receiver opens the card.
  • Paper bags. Either as a gift bag or a plain carrier of your light things, craft paper can always create that for you. Just prepare your string, scissors, paste or stapler, and you’re ready to create your own paper bags from craft paper.
  • Wrapping paper. Aside from making paper bags as a gift bag, you can also make use of craft paper to wrap gift items. This paper looks so pretty with a boxed gift item -just add a flashy ribbon and you already have a unique gift wrap.
  • Bookmarks. Craft paper can be the design for the bookmark or the bookmark itself. Just use a string to hang from the end, and design it nicely.  Of course, you should have your favorite motto written using a nice font style.
  • Scrapbook. Designing a scrapbook or creating an artistic scrapbook cover is just two of the best things that a craft paper can do for scrapbooking.

Actually, these are just small portions of all the things you can make with a craft paper. You can get more ideas from crafting magazines or some websites like,,, and

Again and again, even crafting gurus or online art class teachers will tell you that your imagination is the most important ingredient in the success of your craft paper designs. As long as you remain creative and imaginative, you surely can crate a unique design or even gift that people will appreciate. In fact, you don't need to buy those pre-made scrapbooking designsg. If you have a creative mind, you might even turn a plain, blank white card into something beautiful with craft paper. 


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