How To Have Good English Writing Skills

Opportunities are never equal. Even though it's easy to get Internet access and there are little or no costs to publishing yourself online, good English writing is still the key to getting read and noticed. Even if English is not your native language, there are still many ways to get good English grammar and writing skills. Here are some tips to develop good English writing.

  1. Read in English. When it comes to mastering a language, whether you're speaking it or writing it, you can never read enough. Every short story, book, or short news article you read in English will teach you new words, new ways to form sentences, and ideas on how to write the language naturally. When you read, the thoughts and words go to your subconscious and affect your writing process. The easiest way to start reading in English is to choose a topic of your interest. Non-fiction books are a lot easier to follow than fiction works because writers play with words and may use idioms that are not familiar to you. You can also try coffee table books so the pictures can give you clues about what you're reading.
  2. Listen to native English speakers. Even if you have nobody to speak English to, all you have to do is listen to how the natives talk. Simply switch on the TV to an American channel or download podcasts.
  3. Think in English when you write in English. Thinking in their native tongue and translating the writing is the often the biggest pitfall of writers who are new to a language. However, this will never work: the grammar rules, idioms, syntax, and cultural differences will make any translations sound clumsy and awkward. Get used to thinking in English when you write in English. Push out thoughts in your native language and ignore them until you are done working.
  4. Write, write, write! The only way for you to get better at writing in English is by practicing. Try to maintain a blog where you write something daily, even if it's just several sentences. Experiment writing in different styles - do funny posts, serious articles, or reviews.
  5. Ask for help from English-speaking friends. The best way to sound natural when you write in English is by talking to English-speaking friends as much as possible. Even if you talk to them online, you can still learn a lot. The best part about this tip is that as you learn the language, you get to know good people with interesting stories. Once you've established a good friendship with an English-speaker, you can have him or her point out your mistakes and correct you. Some people might feel awkward doing this at first, but reassure them that you won't get offended if they point out any grammatical mistakes because you would like to learn.
  6. Review basic English grammar and spelling. Nobody ever learned anything by putting zero effort into it. While reviewing English grammar and spelling might sound boring, mastering these will make you a more confident writer. You can enroll in a language course or you can pick up a thesaurus or dictionary and thumb through it.


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