What is Georgette Fabric

Georgette fabric is a silk or polyester woven textile that is lightweight with a crinkly and sheer texture. The texture of the fabric is slightly rough and a wee bit dull. However, it drapes well with a flowing appearance. It is distinctively heavier and more opaque than chiffon. The twisted weave provides a bouncy and springy that enables it to free flow and appear to move on its own.

Purchasing the fabric. The fabric can be easily purchased at your local fabric stores. Some department stores will carry the textile as well. You can purchase it in any color variant with silk or polyester as its primary material.

Characteristics of the fabric. The weave in a georgette fabric is tight and composed of highly twisted crepe fibers that causes the free flowing appearance and springy effect. In spite of the tight weave, the fabric still maintains its sheer look. This is due to the threads being extremely thin. Since it is sheer in nature, you might think that the fabric may easily tear but in reality, the fibers are very strong which provides the durability that most silk garments lack. Aside from these characteristics, the georgette fabric is extremely lightweight compared to other fabrics used for gowns and formal dresses. This and because the fabric drapes well, is the main reasons why the georgette fabric is a popular choice for female formal and evening wear.

Practical uses. The georgette fabric is a popular textile choice for bridal gowns and formal evening dresses. Some designers have even used it to fashion designer jackets and tops specifically for the female market. Some of the designs can be really intricate since the fabric allows for complex integration of beads and embroidery. However, it is important that the decorations placed on the fabric are lightweight. If the beads or embroidery are too heavy for the fabric to bear then it may transform its almost perfect draping quality to dragging and stiff garment.

Sewing the fabric. Although the fabric allows for intricate embroidery and beading work, the sewing of the garment as a whole can become quite difficult due to its texture and sheer nature. Furthermore, anyone working on the fabric should be extra careful when using pins on the fabric. Any mistake will result in the fabric showing a lot of pin holes. It is important to use an interweaving paper or something with the same effect to assist you in providing stability in sewing and keeping each of the pieces of fabric together while you work on them. This will make sure that the slippery characteristics of the fabric will not work against you.

Cleaning the fabric. The georgette fabric is quite sensitive to some elements. If you plan to clean your dress made of georgette fabric, there are two ways to do this without ruining the fabric. The first is hand washing it in cold water using a very mild detergent. To dry it, make sure to hang it in a shaded place for natural drying. Don’t ever dry the fabric under the sun. This can lead to extreme fading. The second option would be to bring it to your nearest dry cleaner and have it dry-cleaned.

With all the benefits and characteristics of the georgette fabric, it is no wonder that it is a popular fabric choice of designers for formal female wear such as gowns and dresses. It is durable, lightweight, and will make any woman look fabulous.


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