Where To Buy an Antique Chinese Sword

If you are a collector of Chinese swords and other Asian artifacts, you can add to your collection by visiting Web sites that sell these items. Some of these Web sites even have one of a kind items, so it is best if you invest in those items. By doing this, you will have a unique item in your collection.

Here are some of the Web sites where you can buy an antique Chinese sword:

  1. chenessinc.com – This Web site features Chinese swords that have different blades. Some of the blade types that they have include SGC Series, O-Katana, Iaito, Ko-Katana, Shirasaya, Shobu Zukuri and more. The Web site offers free shipping for buyers from the United States. Buyers from other countries will have to pay $20.00 for the shipping fee. You can also choose from steel types. The cold steel that are available from the Web site are 9260 Spring Steel, 1060 Carbon Steel, 1045 Carbon Steel, Non-Sharpened Practice Iaito, Differentially Hardened Natural Harmon Blades, Laminated Steel and Folded Steel.
  2. swords.com – This is a Web site where you can buy different types of swords and knives. Some of the weaponry that you will find on the Web site includes Japanese swords, Medieval Swords, Chinese Swords, Fantasy or Anime swords and more. You can shop on the Web site by department or by brand. There are also special discounts on the items. This will save you 20% - 30%. You can follow this company on Twitter so that you can get the latest information from the Web site and also take advantage of getting discount coupons, special deals and other promotions that are available only to a limited number of buyers.
  3. nextag.com – NexTag is a comparison shopping Web site where you can find antique Chinese swords. Search for Chinese swords and you will be presented with the results. Some of the swords that you can buy from this Web site include martial arts swords, tai chi swords, pachi paradice ancient swords, archaic bronze sword, cold steel Chinese war sword and more. You can also search for shields or armors to go with your collection.
  4. 2-clicks-swords.com – This Web site offers a lot of links to different Web sites that sell various swords. You will be able to find Chinese swords, antique swords, contemporary swords, knives, Viking swords, Chinese war swords, roman medieval swords and a lot more. This is also a good Web site to check out if you are a dealer of swords as some of the Web sites only sell to dealers and not to the public.

These are some of the best Web sites online where you can find antique Chinese swords and other weaponry. When buying these swords online, you might want to check if they are really selling an authentic piece. A lot of these swords can be replicas, that is why they are sold for a cheap price. You can also check if the company you are buying from is credible by looking for customer reviews and other information.


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