How To Buy an Antique School Desk

The difference between modern day furniture and antiques is huge, and you might be asking where the romance has gone. Antique school desks have this beautiful, graceful and romantic effect that you seldom see or feel in glass desks and writing desks. Collectors all over the world search (and fight) over what might seem old, rusty and useless to you, but valuable for them.

Thanks to the Internet, antique sources and collectibles are within reach. All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine, type what you are looking for then click on the search button. Online auctions have become the trend and many have applied for Paypal accounts for easy transaction. has a wide selection of sellers and collectibles. Prices for an antique desk range from 90 to 100 U.S. dollars; while those still in excellent condition can cost a whole lot more. Some websites that sell antiques have their items available also on Ebay. These are the following:

  1. - This website says goodbye to city life and hello to country styles. It just shows that woodcrafts are never out of style.
  2. - Houses beautiful, rare antiques like chairs, jewelries, vanity desks and etc.
  3. - Aside from vintage items, they also have blog posts from collectors wherein any future antique-collector can get tips from. These blog posts even include other antique shops within the vicinity.
  4. - Displays furniture and organizer of exquisite taste, fit to be added in a collector's list.
  5. - This website store showcases not just antique wooden desks but also Buddha Statues.

If you are looking for cheap antique desks, private individuals sell items at a price much lower than antique stores and dealers. They even post pictures of them on the Internet for your scrutiny.

  1. - Offers school desks for only $25! The school chair is already attached and the height of the desk is adjustable. It's enough to place a small computer on top. A good buy, but this desk needs TLC.
  2. - Teacher's desk with a foldable seat at $155 is worth the catch as long as it's in excellent condition just like what the owner said.
  3. - This one is selling a 1900's antique desk. No price posted yet, which means any interested buyer, can still haggle as much as he wants.

Local auction houses or garage sales provide great antiques. To those who prefer onsite auctions, here is a list of some of them:

  1. Ace Auction Co. - Found in Lafayette, L.A., their website gives previews of antiques for auction.
  2. Carwile Auctions - Home of antique, farm equipment, real estate and personal property auctions. Located is at Cullen, Virginia.
  3. Cooper, Alex Auctioneers Inc - Has been in the auction business since 1924. They offer oriental and antique rugs. Schedules of auction are posted in their website.
  4. Dance, Steve: Auctions - The are auctioneers of personal property that includes antiques, furniture, secretary desks, cars and motorcycles since 1972, their website also offers auction listings.
  5. Burchard Galleries - Located in Tampa Bay, Florida, they offer online and onsite auctions.

Antique school desks are perfect for those studying at home. You just have to be resourceful to find the best buy.


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