How To Buy Scented Candles at Discount Prices

Nowadays, scented candles are bought to serve an aesthetic value.  They are often just part of a home decoration endeavor.  How many homes have you seen with scented candles in the center of a table or counter top?  Others use scented candles for aromatherapy sessions or to liven up a special occasion.  There are also options of giving scented candles as gifts or special mementos during celebrations. 

Whatever the purpose these scented candles may serve, it will still be in your best interest to buy scented candles at wholesale or discount prices.  Not only will you be able to save on the price, but it may also open up business opportunities for you in the candle selling industry.

Here are some places to consider in buying scented candles at wholesale or discount prices:

  1. Online Candle Stores.  The best place to find discounted scented candles is online.  Chances are, your friendly scented candle shop may already have a web site available.  Spare the hassle of driving straight to the shop right away. Online candle stores have galleries where you can choose the type of scented candle and the scent that you prefer.  It would be better to make a list of the designs, materials, and scents that you like. If you are not familiar with the scents, you may research it and consider its aromatherapy benefits and uses. After you have picked your initial choices, take note of the contact details of the candle shop.  You will need these details in inquiring about the wholesale and discounted prices.  Normally, the shops do not publish their discounted and wholesale prices online so you have to call them about that.  If the shop's location is relatively far from your place, inquire right away about shipping costs.  Lastly, do not forget to haggle! Consider the quality of the scented candle and some of the additional preferences that you have specified, and settle on an agreeable price.
  2. Candle  shops.  This is a good option if you already know of candle stores near your location.  The best thing about making a personal trip to the candle shop is that you can actually get to scrutinize the quality of scented candles they have in their inventory.  Ask about the wholesale or discounted price for your scented candle of choice.  Be reasonable in haggling for a more convenient wholesale price.  Since the order is in bulk, do not hesitate to ask about costs of delivery or how much can be chopped off from the price if you are just going to pick your order up.
  3. Individual candle suppliers.  Chances are, you or your friends may know of other enterprising people who make scented candles at home.  Since they do not pay for additional costs of maintaining a shop and hiring employees, they may give you the lowest possible wholesale price in the market.

You will save an amazing amount of money by buying scented candles in wholesale or discount prices. After all, being less expensive does not mean that its quality is sacrificed.


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