How To Find a Video Tribute

A tribute is an act done by a group, musician or singer who plays the music of a famous musician. This is usually made when the said musicians have passed away or have been disbanded. The most popular of these tribute makers are the Elvis impersonators. They are individuals who imitate the style of Elvis Presley.

Tribute bands are different from regular cover bands. They try hard to capture the appearance and actions of the artists they are imitating. Other tribute bands interpret some of the original works of a specific artist in their own genre or with a comedic effect. Tribute bands commonly use names based on the bands they imitate. Bands like The Iron Maidens are an all female group that pays tribute to the band Iron Maiden. Another band called Dread Zeppelin played songs of the famous group Led Zeppelin. Gabba is another band that performs songs of ABBA.

A video tribute is a recorded compilation of an artist's works and contributions. It may be performed by another artist or a collection of the works of the artist itself. There are a lot of video tributes available. Most of these video tributes are for famous musicians that have passed away. One of the famous video tributes is for Aaliyah. Her death also urged several artists to create a tribute to commemorate all her contributions in the music industry.

Here are some tips on where you can find video tributes.

  • The website can be a great place to look for video tributes. They have hard to find copies of tribute videos for bands like Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden. To purchase a video, you need to have a valid credit card.
  • also features video tributes. It may be about famous artists or simply for regular people who want to publish their own video tributes. You may even find some video tributes about obituaries.
  • Google Video is another website that has a selection of videos and video tributes. It also features other videos of bands such as Tenacious D. This band also has a video entitled Tribute.
  • 1964 is the name of a band from the early 60s. Since the band broke up, their website had been showcasing some of their videos. They also have video tributes about their tours and famous songs.
  • MetaCafe is a website that has a collection of videos. You can sign up to this website and upload your own tribute videos. It allows you to create your own video tribute to anyone that you like.
  • Websites like contains video materials that pay tribute to a lot of musicians and artists. It is a free website so you do not have to pay to watch their videos.

Video tributes serve as a living proof about the contributions of a particular artist. They also help in educating people especially the younger generations about how they impacted older generations. Watching video tributes can inspire a person on how the artist played a part in changing history. Tribute videos serve as an appreciation to a person's worth in your own life.

The video tributes to look out for soon will be the tributes to Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson's passing will certainly be commemorated many times over.


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