How To Find Branded Rubber Wristbands

Rubber wristbands not only serve a fashionable purpose nowadays.  We often see rubber wristbands conveying a message specifically targeting a cause.  For instance, Lance Armstrong's foundation has the Livestrong rubber wristbands that spread a message of support for cancer awareness and survival.  Advertisers also saw the public appeal of wearing rubber wristbands, so that many known brands nowadays have rubber wristbands carrying their brand name.

Wearing branded rubber wristbands has become a fashion statement.  Popular brands, especially those in the sportswear field, have included rubber wristbands in their roster of products.  Wearing rubber wristbands has become so popular among basketball enthusiasts that these are also known as "baller bands".

Here are some places to consider in buying branded rubber wristbands:

  1. Sportswear shops.  If you are buying branded rubber wristbands just for personal fashion use, you may just go to a sportswear shop and find rubber wristbands carrying the name of your favorite brand.  Be wary of the logo.  Check the quality carefully and make sure that it's genuine.  Remember that you are paying extra for buying the real thing.
  2. Shops and boutiques.  Aside from sportswear shops, you may also find branded rubber wristbands in common shops and boutiques of specific designer brands.  They may be displayed near the check-out counter or in a showcase within the accessories area.
  3. Department stores.  You can find branded rubber wristbands within the accessories area, specifically in the Men's Section.  It would be easier if you just ask for your brand of choice from the shop attendant so you will not have to go looking around for it for long.
  4. Special events.  Expect to see stalls selling branded rubber bands during events, especially ones like ball games and concerts.  You may also find branded rubber wristbands during charity events, although they may cost more than what they look.  Just consider the extra amount you paid as a donation to a worthy cause.
  5. Online.  You may look for branded rubber wristbands from online shops specializing in the production of rubber wristbands.  This is especially recommended if you will be buying in bulk.  If you are looking for collector's edition rubber wristbands, you may want to try searching eBay.  Inquire about shipping and delivery costs and consider it against the price. 

In buying branded rubber wristbands, the brand should not be your sole priority.  Scrutinize the quality of the rubber wristbands.  There are rubber wristbands that are made of 100% silicone, and naturally these are the ones that are most expensive.  However, there are other rubber wristbands that are sold that are made of a mix of silicone and rubber.  The placing of the brand name also affects the quality of the rubber wristbands.  The brand should be de-bossed in the rubber.  A logo that is just printed on the rubber wristband will not last long.

Whatever the purpose they may serve, rubber wristbands are fashion accessories with a message.  With this information, you are on your way to finding the rubber wristband that suits your taste, style, and budget.


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