Where To Find Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

Even with the accessibility of the Internet and all other forms of entertainment, the magazine industry is still doing well. Studies show that a lot of people still read magazines-not the online magazines but the printed ones. Even though majority of young people are tethered to computers and electronic gadgets, young people are reading more magazines than older readers. However, it was found in recent studies that every generation still enjoys reading magazines. If you are one of those who take pleasure in reading and collecting magazines, you can find tons of sites on the Internet that provide cheap magazine subscription prices. The following are just some of the many sites where you can find them.

  1. Myfavouritemagazines. You get up to 33% off the recommended retail price straight from the publisher. Posting and packaging are included in the price and you have money back guarantee for 60 days.
  2. Mags4cheap. Selling over 1 million magazine subscriptions annually, it is the largest magazine subscription retailer on the net. Offers more than 1,600 magazines. Free shipping and minus sales tax.
  3. Magazine city. It is a great source for discount subscriptions of up to 92% off the RRP. Offers over 1,600 magazines from fashion magazine, business magazine, star magazine to technology and trade magazines. Also offers international magazine delivery. Provides perks like free gift cards and free services in case you encounter problems with your magazine such as ripped off pages and duplicate issues.
  4. Webby Shop.  This is a one-stop shop of magazine that provides comprehensive description of each magazine you like. Offers huge category of subjects. Subscription options are weekly, monthly and bi-monthly. Free shipping, up to 95% off and no sales tax.
  5. Best Deal Magazines. This has teamed up with Vintage Superstore to provide you most popular magazine subscriptions. Free magazine subscriptions are also available.
  6. MagsDirect. This shows competitors prices for your easy comparison. With over a thousand titles available and in service since 1999.
  7. Magmall. You will get rock-bottom prices, of up to 88% off. Offers discounts on popular magazine titles. You can choose from online catalogue where a wide range of categories are available. Magazine descriptions are also included.  Renewal of magazine subscription is voluntary.
  8. Magazine Subscriptions. This delivers discount magazines and cheap magazine subscription worldwide. Ordering online is easy, 24 hours a day.
  9. Magazine Price Search. This offers a wide variety of magazines. New titles are added daily with complete price comparison charts.

While most sites guarantee cheap subscriptions, best deals, discounts, free shipping and other attractive perks, some are just too good to be true. Many out there are frauds thus be wary of scams. Be cautious of free prizes. Make price comparisons to make sure you are getting a good deal. Know the terms and conditions, cancellation policy and renewal policy, delivery arrangement, and subscribers' special benefits. A reliable provider usually has money back guarantee and direct customer service in case you want to make changes and ask questions regarding your magazine subscription.


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