How To Find Crossword Puzzles for Kids

For adults, solving crossword puzzles is just a pastime. But for your kids, solving crossword puzzles is a fun way to learn. With crossword puzzles, your kids can ready themselves for going to school or improve their knowledge if they are already going to school. Encourage your kids to play crossword puzzles because they will learn via a very enjoyable activity. There is no outside competition, it’s like your kid is chasing against time and competing with himself.

But despite the benefits of crossword puzzles, parents still don’t often offer them to their kids. One reason is that they don’t have any idea where to get crossword puzzles for kids. Fortunately, this article can help you with that.

The following are the common places where you can find crossword puzzles for your kids:

  1. In the comfort of your own home. Why not create a crossword puzzle for your kids instead of buying one? You can use your computer to create a clean sheet of puzzles. Just use your inkjet printer to have a hardcopy of the puzzle. After that, voila! Your kid can start enjoying your homemade crossword puzzle. The best thing about creating your kid’s crossword puzzle is that it has a touch of love and it’s absolutely free.
  2. Bookstores. Visit your favorite bookstore and look for crossword puzzles for kids in the kids’ sections. Bookstores usually have educational materials like puzzles.
  3. Educational stores. Take a trip to your nearest educational store and see if they have some crossword puzzles there.
  4. Kids’ toy stores. Enough with those teddy bears or toy cars and get down to learning with some crossword puzzles. Even the wackiest kids’ toy stores have some educational stuff for kids, too. So, they might have some crossword puzzles for kids also.
  5. Department stores. Check the children’s section of your nearest department store. They might have some crossword puzzles for your kids. But don’t expect too much from department stores because they don't always have these things.
  6. Online crossword puzzle websites. Check with Google and see the top websites where you can get printable crossword puzzles for your kids. You can find a large database of crossword puzzles especially made for kids from online sources like,,, and Simply select the best among these free crossword puzzles. Print out a copy of the chosen puzzle. Presto! You already have something to give your best crossword puzzle solver. Don’t forget to give him a dictionary as a reference, too.

With these many sources, who says you can’t easily find crossword puzzles for kids? Just pick which among these sources is the most convenient and accessible for you and start hitting the road! This is the most enjoyable help you can give for your kid’s improvement of knowledge. They will definitely hate to read a dictionary, but they will surely appreciate it if you hand them some crossword puzzles. Who knows, with constant practice, your kid might become the best crossword puzzle solver in the world.


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