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Gospel music has reached a peak of popularity in this century. In fact, more and more people are seeking free copies of the enlightening gospel music around the Internet. Aside from the trendy songs of this generation, worship music and religious songs are among the music that is the most popular right now. If you like to download music for free, you may want to try these sites. - This well-rounded site gives the user almost everything that he needs. Here are the features:

  • Free downloads of Christian worship music, videos, ring tones, freebies, jokes, fonts, and gospel lyrics.
  • Free images including Christian backgrounds, wallpapers, themes, and screensavers.
  • An easy way to search for the latest gospel songs, albums, music archives and music software.
  • An online directory for game downloads.
  • An emphasis on Israeli gospel music.
  • Links to other download sites such as the Hot Favorite Music, Top100 Music Sites,, Ultimate Top 100 Kids,, and All the Music that you want. - This is a website that allows its users to discover more gospel music online. It is like a house for numerous music download and lyric sites. Aside from allowing people to listen to music for free, also gives emphasis to artists and tracks, as well as album information. This site ranks music accordingly. It also shows statistics of songs. offers the following features:

  • Additional links to show the most popular Christian songs of your chosen artist.
  • View recent musical events.
  • Discover different music genres, and view videos.
  • Free sign ups for user profiles.

Gospel music soothes one's soul. Listening and singing to it makes one closer to his or her Creator. With these websites, you will surely find the song that you are looking for. What are you waiting for? 


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