How To Find Music for Meditation Online: Relaxing Music

Download Soothing Music from These Websites

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The benefits of meditation are endless. More and more medical practitioners are recommending meditation as a method to live a healthier lifestyle. It helps to lower blood pressure and respiratory rates, alleviates insomnia and muscle tension, and enhances personal relationships among other gifts. Without a doubt, meditation is being applied in management of different ailments.

One form of meditation is Zen yoga. Zen Yoga is more concerned with physical exercises. It helps to achieve health, litheness and peace of mind. Basically, during meditation or Zen yoga a soothing music is played. It can be plain and relaxing such as sounds of the waves, chirping birds or a roaring waterfall. Some famous composers have mixed music and meditation. Some samples of meditation music are Hymnen, Mantra, Stimmung and Quartet for the End of Time. If you want to listen to your favorite meditation music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, download torrent meditation music files or listen to stream music online.

These websites will help you find relaxing music for meditation. 

  1. Mind Your Intention. Listen to meditation radio 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have fun meditating with your family and friends worldwide. First, you need to set your intention then click the highlighted “CLICK HERE” button and listen to music provided by this website. 
  2. Write Spirit. Let your heart and mind communicate with the soothing music of meditation. Download free music that you can listen to online or save to your mp3 music player.
  3. OM Stream. Do you want high quality music that can go along with your meditation or yoga practice? Choose the songs you would like to download, then choose the right format and purchase them for your mobile phone, mp3 player or desktop computer.
  4. Free Meditation Music. Free Meditation Music not only provides music but also free lectures on the benefits of meditation and how to meditate.
  5. Live 365. Take the VIP membership and enjoy the benefits of listening to high-quality meditation music. This site has tunes perfect for contemplation, meditation, healing, yoga and other known alternative therapies.
  6. YouTube.  Visit YouTube and listen to calming music. Certainly, your mind and spirit will be uplifted.
  7. Enhanced Healing. Get high-quality meditation music, relaxation music, and relaxation CDs, DVDs, and music videos. Downloads can be purchased for as low as $3.95.
  8. Music Brito. This music is offered by Javier Ramon Brito. You can listen to some samples for free and the rest can be downloaded at major stores.

These music download websites will help you find all of the relaxing music for meditation that you need. Meditation music allows you to travel to another world. There is no need to lie down to meditate, because you can actually do it while you are traveling in a car or on a train. If you want to learn more about these techniques, read free lectures online. 


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