How To find Quill Pen Refills

Antique quill and inkwell

Think of Shakespeare.  What pops next into your mind?  You'd probably see an image of a man at his desk, writing.  Assuming the man is Shakespeare, you wouldn't be imagining him writing with a ballpoint pen.  Of course, he would be using a quill pen.  Quill pens were the first writing implements. Their presence has been felt for around fifteen centuries.  Their popularity only died down as the staple writing instrument of choice because the convenient metal fountain pen was patented.  But to this day, despite the fast track evolution of the modern age, the quill pen still survives.  Many modern day enthusiasts still use the quill.  This is probably because it gives a sense of artistry to the user.  

Today, quill pens are not very common.  You won't see them written down in your list of office supplies.  Nor would you see them in the office products section of your favorite store.  But the quill pen's image has gained in popularity again in recent years because of Harry Potter.  Yes, think of sugar quills... the kind you suck on when you want your wizard teacher to believe you are thinking when you're actually not.  Then, there's even Deluxe Sugar Quills... they last longer.  They exist in our world too, but the difficult part is actually getting a quill pen to your liking and specifications along with getting the pen refills to match.

The main source of almost anything in the world is the Internet.  The most difficult to find objects, you can find via the Internet. It's the same case with quills.  Pen companies advertise via the Internet.  These include advertisements for refills.  Although the quill pen or feather pens are not included in any normal office supply list, the Internet has listings of companies that sell quill pens and quill pen sets.  The prices vary with the quality and the manufacturer of the quill pen.  Most quill pen sets include the ink refill for your feather pen of choice.  You can place orders online to a pen company and pay via credit card or PayPal.  Inks, inkwells and refill prices vary from as little as a couple of dollars to more than fifty dollars depending on the kind, class and color.  Refills do come in different colors. 

When looking for the right quill pen for you, there are a few points to take note of.  The curve of the feather matters a lot.  The right hander would normally prefer a feather from the left wing as this normally curves to the right and the south paw would prefer a feather from the right as this usually curves to the left.  You can order these from the websites of pen companies.  You just have to look hard enough to find the right pen for you.   

Think of that man at his desk again... Soon it will be you, with your quill pen in hand...


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