How To Find the Best Art Gallery in New York

Today's contemporary art galleries highlight featured arts for general viewing without any fee. One of the known locations for art galleries is New York City. It has over 500 art galleries that house various works of art from the prehistoric, modern up to contemporary times. It includes a variety of traditional fine art, glass art, paintings, canvas art, photography, modern art and sculptures.

Here is the list of some of the best art galleries in New York City.

  • Ellis Island Immigration Museum is located in New York Harbor. This art gallery is committed to educating the visitors about the immigrant experience. It holds a wide variety of artifacts, historic photographs, posters, maps, oral histories and ethnic music.
  • American Museum of Natural History is opened to the public in 1869. Some of the highlights of this art gallery are the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. It features the world's largest collection of dinosaur fossils. Milstein Hall of Ocean Life displays many of the ocean's ecosystems. The Hall of Biodiversity gives its visitors the experience of rainforests. The Guggenheim Hall of Minerals is where children enjoy the scenery of the 90,000 mineral specimens. And the Akeley Hall of African Animals shows the group of African elephants in life-like specimens. 
  • Guggenheim Museum is created by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It is popularly known for its spiral structure and unique museum design. Visitors of this gallery can experience the beauty of modern painting canvas, art posters, sculptures and film.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits over 2 million artworks from around the world. One of the most known artwork featured in this gallery is the Greek Terracotta Storage Jar.
  • The Museum of Modern Art was built in 1929. This is the first contemporary art gallery. It holds a huge collection of modern art works.

Most of these art galleries have Web sites. Their online gallery shows most of their art collections and information about them. This is very helpful to people who are unable to visit the gallery personally. There are lots of galleries that can be visited around New York. It is a relaxing way to enjoy history and its beauty expressed through their various artworks.


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