How To Find Wholesale Fabric Outlets

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Fabrics have a lot of uses. Looking around your house alone will make you realize how much they are used. You will find that not only are they decorative but also very functional. Apart from clothing, shoes and bags, fabrics are used in your home for garnishing your furniture, flooring, windows, and bedding. Different kinds of fabric are used in creating apparel, carpets, curtains, sofas and chairs, etc.

A fabric or cloth is a versatile material patterned from various types of raw fibers derived from animals, vegetables, plants, minerals, insects and other sources. Natural and synthetic fibers are processed into yarns to manufacture different types of fabrics. Because there are different types of fabrics, manufacturing processes differ as well.

Choosing the type of fabric is a major factor in achieving your purpose - whether for comfort, style or function. If you are a seamstress or a designer, selecting the right kind of fabric may come easy for you, but if you have no idea about the available types of fabric, you will be overwhelmed when you find that there is a vast selection to choose from. Cotton, silk, nylon, Lycra, rayon, lace, georgette, satin, wool and velvet are only some of the numerous types available out there. Since fabrics are scrupulously created, designed and manufactured for plenty of uses, not all of them are easy on the wallet. Certain types of fabric are expensive because of the source of fiber and the process they went through. Vintage fabric for instance, is a traditional material used only by royalties in ancient times. Because of its scarcity and touch of opulence, it is expected to be expensive but well-loved by most fashion and interior designers. Hence, if you intend to buy several kinds of fabrics and wish to save some money, wholesale buying is the perfect solution..

Try the following sources on the Net to find available fabric wholesale outlets.

  1. Apparel Search Company provides a comprehensive database covering all aspects of the clothing industry. It contains easy links to fashion, apparel and textile related sources including manufacturers, wholesale and retail outlets, warehousing, customs, trade shows, etc.
  2. Fabrics USA contains an extensive list of fabric manufacturers with links to their websites. Manufacturers' sites have information on wholesale and retail outlets. Getting quotes on different kinds of fabrics from major fabric manufacturers is also available on this site. 
  3. Fashiondex offers a directory of wholesale fabric suppliers, glossary of frequently used fabrics, and step-by-step guide to shopping the fabric market.
  4. Wholesale World provides an online directory of wholesale companies. It has listings of wholesale outlets, manufacturers and distributors of textiles, fabrics and other materials for clothing, dress-making and other retail piece goods.
  5. WholesaleWholesale is an A-Z listing of wholesale stores offering a wide selection of fabrics from fashion, clothing, beddings, curtains, to furniture, upholstery and outdoor fabrics.

More resources on purchasing wholesale fabrics are available on the Net. You can shop online or visit the store of your choice to see the available types of fabric for yourself.


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