How To Find the Best Places to Shop for Antique Glassware

There are a lot of shops that sell antiques. But there are only a few stores that offer antique glassware. Yet, shopping for antique glassware in not only limited to antique stores. There are other, better choices. 

This is your guide for finding stores with antique glassware aside from your own attic and garage:

  1. Antique shops and dealers - The most obvious destination is antique shops. Approach the sales clerk and ask for antique glassware. But that is not that simple. You need to know what you are looking for. Aside from simply telling he clerk you are looking for antique glassware, a certain era, make, maker, style, color, material, and other particulars that would narrow down the search should be stated. If you do not know a lot about antiques, do research first.
  2. Bazaars - There are regular periodic bazaars in local communities. Visit these bazaars and directly shop from the owners themselves. Do not forget to ask for the story of the item. Ask them where it came from, how old it is, what the condition is, have there been any repairs, and how much the item is and if you could get a discount.
  3. Boot sales - In some parts of the United Kingdom and United States, there are impromptu boot sales. People would drag their cars, open the boots and sell antiques. If you have to buy from these people, be sure to at least know what you want to buy and how to look for them. Some of these sellers might know a lot about antiques, too.
  4. Auctions - This is another palpable destination. Take a look at the brochures of these auctions. Look for information about antique glassware. They could include tumblers, wine glasses, goblets, drinking glasses, crystal, and vases. If any item interests you, start bidding but always set a personal maximum bid - the biggest amount you are willing to shell out for a particular lot. Listen intently to the description of the auction master. Do not forget to ask for a certificate, if there is one.
  5. Specialty stores - Though not antique shops, specialty glassware stores also offer antique pieces. Here, there is a timeline selection of glassware. You will be presented with items coming from different eras. Since you are particularly looking for antiques, ask for them.
  6. Department stores - This does not include the average department store, though. Visit an upscale department store and ask the concierge about antique glassware. You will be directed to them in no time. You can also ask for assistance while shopping.
  7. Online - There are a lot of websites which offer antique glassware. Simply type in the keywords and click on the results.

Some stores need prior appointment before you can visit. Others may require you to email first. But before you plunge into shopping for antique glassware, do research first on what particular items you want. When you have already decided, you already know where to shop for antique glassware.


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