How To Compare XBox 360 and PlayStation 3

Discussing which gaming console is better would actually boil down to each and every individual’s personal opinion, because we have to admit that both gaming consoles have their own exemplary characteristics. Why don’t we lay out the key features of each gaming console to help you decide how to invest your money?

Yes, Microsoft’s XBox 360 is much cheaper compared to Sony’s PlayStation 3, but we have to admit, that is because the PlayStation 3 is packed with many more features. XBox is very much ahead of the game with the graphics technology, and can serve as an addition to your home entertainment system because it supports the new BluRay technology. You can also get an external HD DVD drive for the XBox 360 so that you can watch videos with it, and that brings the price up to be the same amount as the PlayStation 3, but it’s up for the user which one would be much better, watching high definition videos, or watching videos in the new and acclaimed BluRay technology that’s already starting to pick up as a trend.

In terms of the number of games available in the market for the gaming consoles, XBox 360 is at an advantage, because it was been out in the market one year earlier than the PlayStation 3. There has been some discussion that third party game creators advised that the XBox 360 platform is much easier to create games for, because the graphics technology of the PlayStation 3 is hard to keep up with and that Sony has very high standards. Personally, I think we should give PlayStation 3 a little more time to release more games to catch up with the XBox 360, and besides, I think Sony’s high standards mentioned by the third party game creators only proves that Sony would like to get the best, so that its gamers would have the best also.

Looking at what I have written, it seems that I pretty much leaned to Sony’s PlayStation 3, but like what I have mentioned earlier, it all depends on what your personal opinion is. If you are looking into playing tons and tons of games, go with the XBox 360, but if you are looking for a long-term investment and value for your money, then go with the PlayStation 3. Also bear in mind that after looking at the specs for each gaming console, you would still have to factor in your budget, what you would need and what you would want. Go with the one that would satisfy your gaming heart’s desires.


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