How To Understand eBooks

Writing a book is not an easy feat. It takes months, sometimes years, before an author completes it. Then comes the dilemma of finding a publisher, printing millions of copies of the book, then shipping it to places, then promoting it, then sharing the profit with your publisher if sales are agreeable. Don't forget the fact that before being able to sell the book, it already entailed shelling out lots of cash, both on the author and the publisher's part.

For the readers, one waits for the book to be released, then travels to a bookstore, then goes through stacks, piles, and shelves of books just to find a specific title they fancy. Aside from that, to be able to read the book, you'd have to carry it around with you, not a very appealing idea especially if it's one big, heavy book.

A unique medium that came with the evolution of cyberspace and Internet is the eBook. An electronic book, mostly known as an eBook, is a digital version of a published book, often protected with Digital Rights Management. eBooks can be accessed from a computer, a smart phone, or an eBook reader, a device made especially to view eBooks. No more walking around and struggling with the books you carry everyday. With just one little device, you can store as many titles as you want, depending on the memory of the device, that can still be extended with a memory stick. You have now been spared the agony of finding a space for your books in your room.

An eBook is more inexpensive, production wise and consumer wise. You won't need ink and paper to publish your book. Just think about how many trees you've spared. Of course, the reader has an option to print it out if he wants to.

There are various Web sites that offer eBooks for free. Of course, it would depend on the author's marketing strategy, but providing free eBook copies will pave the way to eventually profiting from the book that's published electronically.

You can also cross out shipping expenses from your list. All an author needs is the proper software, and everything can be done with the computer. For the reader, no more traveling expenses, or waiting for the book to be delivered. With just a few taps and clicks on the computer, you can immediately read the book you want after a successful download. Talk about accessibility and availability. Aside from that, the Internet doesn't have operating or store hours. You can publish and buy a book 24/7.

Now every budding writer out there has a better chance of being known, and being exposed to the readers. Writing has become easier with the advent of eBooks and therefore presents unique opportunities for readers and writers alike.


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