How To Win at Carnival Games

Everyone wants to know the secret or trick to winning carnival games. Carnival games are notorious for being almost impossible if not impossible to win. There is always some small little catch that, of course, no one except the carnival people know. It's very unfair but if we can reveal the secrets, maybe we can even up this playing field. We are going to talk about some particular games at the carnival and discuss how to beat them at their own game.

First let's talk about the famous "rope climb." I don't know how many times I have sat there and watched people try to climb up this thing. The trick to this one is to not worry about using the middle steps, or rungs, when you are climbing up the ladder. These are meant to throw you off balance and you will never make it if you use the middle steps. You need to use the outer roping only. When you step up with your left leg, make sure and move your opposite arm at the side time. Shimmy your way all the way up the ladder and you will have a much better shot at winning this game.

The next game we can talk about is the "basketball free-throw." Most people try to make normal shots like they would on the court but no, no, no. This is a carnival game and is not going to be the same. For starters, the ball is always overinflated making it more bouncy, the basket is smaller than regulation size, and the backboard is made of plywood making it extra bouncy. Really, the only way to win this game is to make a perfect "swoosh" without using the backboard. Try a higher arc as this seems to help.

The last game we will discuss is the "balloon dart throw." With this game, the balloons are underinflated and the dart tips are dull thus making it much harder to pop the balloon. Forget about making a perfect throw, just focus on throwing the dart very hard. And another tip is that most people aim for the middle so a lot of the good prizes get hidden on the outside edges.

Unfortunately there are some games that are just virtually impossible to win. Although it is unfair that carnivals do this because they are ripping people off, try to have fun. Don't go overboard. Spending a few dollars doesn't hurt and the kids have fun. Just beware and remember some of these tips. Good luck at your next carnival.


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