Workshops for Writing Poetry

Poetry is one type of art that will always be around probably until the end of time. Sure, writing poetry isn’t as popular as it used to be, but there are still a lot of enthusiasts that bring to life this type of art. Most people swoon over those famous Shakespearean lines, often not admitting that they don’t get what the poem really means. If you caught yourself agreeing with that statement, maybe you’d like to check out some of these workshops on creative poetry writing - not only for you to better understand what Shakespeare really meant, but also for this beautiful type of art not to grow extinct.

There are actually quite a number of sites online that offer workshops that can help you with writing poetry, creative writing of short stories and possibly even teach you to write books – both fiction and non-fiction. You will see a number that hold poetry competitions and even offer to publish your poetry online.

Here is a list of free and fee-based online workshops:

  1. The Albany Poetry Workshop. The Albany, established in 1995, is the Internet’s first site giving online poetry workshops. Here, you will find works of the class as well as a live forum and discussion for all things poetry. They don’t teach you one on one, but you will have full access to all their articles. Which means, you can learn from their writing style and how they construct their work.
  2. Kalliope Online Poetry Workshop. At Kalliope, membership is free. The site offers an online workshop wherein writers compare notes, give each other feedback, have practice exercises and encourage fellow poets. Kalliope provides their members with compiled resources and a list of useful books and poetry materials.
  3. Zeugma Poetry Workshop. Zeugma believes that workshops are all about revisions. When you create a free account with them, the critiques given to your work will serve as the workshop itself. There’s no formal training whatsoever, but then again isn’t experience, or in this case hands on writing, the best teacher?
  4. Lessons in writing the poem. Canadian poet Susan Ioannou, who has been teaching techniques in writing, made 20 exercises on online creative poetry writing that you can finish at your own pace. There aren’t any tests nor are there deadlines for you to finish the workshop. On this site, you can even arrange for professional editors to team up with you, review your work and give you pointers.
  5. Writers’ Village University. This site offers different kinds of workshops for just $69 A YEAR. It does not just focus on creative writing and poetry, but also on literature, fiction and non-fiction. Like the other workshop sites, it believes that giving each other feedback/critiques helps your writing style.
  6. Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Gotham is one of the leading creative writing schools in New York. Recently, they have been offering courses online where you will learn how to write publish-worthy poems and articles. The New York Times is featured in one of their topics in the workshop they are offering. The good thing about it is that teacher to student ratio is limited to 1:18 or less, unlike other online schools that have more students.
  7. Writers Online Workshops. Like most online workshops, this particular one does not offer lectures, reading assignments and exercises. Everything will be based on critique. What you do is submit a sample of your work to be critiqued, then you’re given tips on how to improve your writing style. At the end of the program, you will then submit your newly revised article/story/poem.

You may be skeptical about enrolling in the fee-based workshops. I advise that if you are unsure, test the waters first with the free ones. But then again, isn’t education an investment? So go, join a workshop, get into it and start writing. Who knows? Maybe you’ll one day be able to join poetry competitions or even write poetry books and have your poetry published!


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