How To Write Father's Day Poems

Father's Day, a worldwide holiday when one honors fathers, is celebrated each year in over 52 countries. Children gift their fathers with neckties, barbecue grills, handmade gifts, tools, and other manly gifts. When recounting treasured gifts, most fathers acknowledge that the personal gifts are the best.

Children and adults often wonder if they can write Father's Day poems so that they can express their love and admiration for the father in their lives. You do not need to be an experienced poet to write a beautiful Father's Day poem, simply a willingness to do so and a heart full of love and gratitude. Here are some ideas and tips on how to write a Father's Day poem for the daddy in your life.

You might want to do a quick internet search on "Father's Day Poems" in order to see some sample poetry. This might provide some inspiration for your own work. You can choose whether you want a more flowery and sentimental type of poem celebrating the nobility of fatherhood or a more colloquial verse focusing on things that your father has done for you. You can even decide whether your poem will have a humorous slant or a more serious one. There is absolutely no right or wrong here and the beauty of writing your own Father's Day poems is that you can customize it to fit your father.

It might be wise to look at some basic poetry sites before beginning to write your Father's Day poem so that you can familiarize yourself with a few different types of poetry. Remember that your Father's Day poem doesn't need to rhyme and can be a type of poem known as free verse.

If you want to write an acrostic Father's Day poem, simply use the letters in the topic word, Father, to begin each line of your poem. Each verse of your acrostic poem should have something to do with the topic. This is a fun type of poem to write and well suited to beginning poets. Humorous types of poetry include limericks which are guaranteed to make your father smile.

Once you have decided on a type of poem, sit down in a quiet place with a blank sheet of paper and get started. You might want to make a list of your father's best or most notable characteristics to help you customize your poem. If you follow these tips, you will certainly write a Father's Day poem that is fit for a king.


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