How To Write Humorous Valentines Day Poems

Why write a humorous Valentine's Day poem?

There are times when the saccharine sentiments contained on a typical Valentine's Day card simply won't do.  The object of your affections may appreciate something that's personally directed, something you took the time to write yourself, and yes, something that contains a dash of humor. Here are some tips on how to get started on your poem:

You may be inspired to write a poem that pokes fun at the overt commercialism and mandatory and clichéd expressions of love that are so much a part of Valentine's Day, or perhaps you want to write something that amuses children.

You can write a humorous Valentine's Day poem to amuse yourself or to spice up someone else's holiday. If the poem is meant for someone special you can design a homemade card, perhaps using calligraphy for that extra flair. If you want to show off your Valentine's Day poem, you can post it on an online web site. If earning some extra cash interests you, you can offer your poem to a greeting card company for possible publication.

Every good poem has a theme, so you should have one in mind before you put pen to paper or sit down at the keyboard. The theme might be something like the love of your life, found in an unexpected place; different and unusual ways to say "I love you"; crazy things people in love might do; or unconventional Valentine's Day observances.

Before writing the Valentine's Day poem, identify the audience. The specific audience will determine the poem's tone. If it's a poem written to entertain the members of the Women's Club, a G rating is in order. If the poem is written to stoke the fires of passion, a bit of R-rated naughtiness complete with some double entendres takes things up a notch.

If you want the poem to rhyme, consult a rhyming dictionary. Keep in mind, however, that poems do not have to rhyme. Just make sure the words flow naturally and are not stilted or repetitive. A humorous Valentine's Day poem will use words to create an amusing, yet appealing, image in the reader's mind. Keeping a thesaurus at hand will also help you find just the right word. Read the poem out loud to make sure it sounds just right.

Remember that you are not writing Paradise Lost, so keep it as brief as possible. Even loved ones can lose interest if a Valentine's Day poem, no matter how humorous, runs on and on.


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