How To Write Veterans Day Poems

The gift of an original Veteran's Day poem makes for a wonderful tribute to a person who served in the armed forces. Writing Veteran's Day poetry may seem like a challenging task, but if you keep the focus on its recipient the Veteran's Day poem will flow smoothly. Here's how to get started:

The first step is to sit down and think about the individual who is the focus of your Veteran's Day writing project. Jot down all of the words that come to mind when you picture this particular person. A few examples include: self-sacrificing, generous, compassionate, loyal, and kind. Once you've written a dozen words or so, circle five or six of them that you wish to include in your Veteran's Day poetry.

Next, begin writing the Veteran's Day poem by simply expressing what comes to mind when you think of the person's service to his or her country. Glance at your circled words and include one into a line of your poem wherever it seems to fit. Don't worry about the technical elements of the poem such as rhyming or punctuation; those issues are secondary. Your main focus is to put your feelings about the veteran into words. When most people write Veteran's Day poems they express gratitude for a veteran's courage, dedication, and his or her national pride. Certainly, Veteran's Day poetry makes more of an impression on its recipient when it comes from the heart of the writer.

The third step to follow when writing Veteran's Day poems is to read aloud the lines that you've written to get a feel for how they sound. Sometimes the silent process of Veteran's Day poem writing doesn't give a writer the chance to determine whether the lines of the poem flow. If you hear a line that sounds out of place, make a mark next to it. After you've finished reading the entire poem, go back and edit or even remove the lines you marked. Then, read your Veteran's Day poem aloud once more and continue to make changes until you're satisfied with your work.

The last step in Veteran's Day poetry writing is to think of a suitable title for your poem. The title is not the most important element; however, it does give a reader his first glimpse into your work.

The creation of a Veteran's Day poem is not only a worthwhile expression of your creativity; it's also a personal way to say thank you to a beloved veteran.


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