Writing a Movie Review

Writing a movie review is not hard to do, because everyone these days has opinion about everything; but writing a sensational movie review takes time and work on the critics' part.

  1. Select the movie you're writing the review about and do a little research before beginning reviewing. Don't watch your movie before you know a little about it first. When your movie review is written, your reader will want to be well-informed on what exactly they are getting into. Find out who is in the movie, who is directing it and specifics about the movie itself. Is the director known for a certain kind of movie? What about the actors - are these typical roles for them, or is it outside their comfort zone? What is the basis of the movie? Doing a little pre-viewing research will guide you through writing a movie review, perhaps allowing you to pay closer attention to little details within the movie itself, any specific characteristics or trademarks of the director/actors, and give you story elements. Knowing these basics about the movie will help you review a movie in an interesting way to your reader.
  2. Verbalize your specific opinion in your movie review in one sentence. You have been given a job: write a movie review. You have to clearly express your opinion of the movie. This one sentence will be the entire theme of your movie review, so make it strong, specific, and provable. Show your readers your opinion while writing the review; don't just tell them about the movie. Be specific in your opinion and show how the movie justifies it.
  3. "Grab" your readers -- give a short synopsis, but don't give away any important details. Since movie reviews are writer's opinions, it's imperative to start with something that interests your reader from the first word. Lead with an awesome quote from the movie and then its reflection shown in the movie; notate the rep of the director; do a movie comparison; or simply what your expectations were, and also include whether you were satisfied with those expectations or let down. As you end the first paragraph, the last sentence should be your opinion statement stated again. Briefly include a synopsis - a short description of what the movie is about - but while writing your movie review, DO NOT give away important, significant movie details, especially the ending.
  4. Be honest, not judgmental. You may not like who is in it or what it's about, but for the sake of your review, write with genuine honesty.


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