How To Buy Fireworks

Some celebrations are so grand, they deserve a fireworks show to close out the festivities.  It's easy to find fireworks around the Fourth of July, but trying buying some around the sixth of April.  If you are having trouble locating a reputable fireworks distributor, here are a few tips on how to buy fireworks that are legal and readily available.

Before you even attempt to purchase your first bottle rocket, check your state and city's laws regarding fireworks.  If you aren't sure where to begin, contact your local fire department.  Someone there will be able to answer all your questions regarding the rules and regulations of purchasing fireworks in your area. There are types of fireworks that are illegal no matter what the circumstances.  These include M-80s, M-100s, and several others.  This is also a good opportunity to inquire about firework safety, and to teach your children about the dangers of lighting off fireworks inappropriately.

Your first stop on the road to buying fireworks should be quite a short trip.  Check the Internet for well established retail and wholesale fireworks distributors.   This is the time to do a little comparison shopping.  For the most part, you'll find better selection and prices if you buy your fireworks wholesale, but you may have to purchase these items in bulk.  If you're only looking to buy a fewer number of fireworks, a smaller retailer is probably your best option.

Check your local phone book for year round firework distributors in your area.  These stores do exist, and for the most part, the selection is acceptable and the prices are fair.  Be wary of road side firework stands that operate all year long.  Their merchandise might be of lesser quality and illegal.  If you do come across an establishment with a questionable reputation, contact your local police force immediately.

Now that you have purchased a few dazzling fireworks, it's time to light them off properly and safely.  Always read the instructions.  These can generally be found on the label of the firework, and never shoot any off while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Never use fireworks as a weapon.  Never make home made fireworks.  The products required to manufacture these can be highly volatile, and the end result is risky at best.  Always make sure you have plenty of room to set off your display, and make sure that is nothing flammable in the general vicinity.


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